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Miss Uganda search advert a disgrace to Phiona Bizzu.



The controversial reign of Phiona Bizzu as beauty queen comes to a curtain fall; with an even intensity of drama as her first day as on the beauty stage as queen. When the innocent beauty endowed with an infectious smile; was crowned, the disapproval of the public was significant. The issue turned comical following tabloid reports that she had been rejected at Miss World contest in China.All this while the MUBS fresher admiringly exhibited a deep sense of self esteem and courage befitting her cromn that turned subject of debate. However, its not only the public that loathes but also the vey people who crowned the innocent beauty from Achoilland;the shameless Miss Uganda advert reveals.

The Miss Uganda 2013/14 search ad shows the lack of confidence and perphaps regret, the organisers have in Bizzu. Despite her position as the outgoingface of the contest-all efforts the contest have been made to keep her face a distance. In the advert, which is supposed to be one of her last moments of glory as queen; a masked girl expected but rather suspected, to be Bizzu dons a red and black over-sized sari as she blows a pipe calling out to beauties.

Thats where I come in; 1.Why hide her face behind a mask. Is that the potrayal or denial? 2. For the T.V ad, why is she a mere miniature feature in the far background of thr clip? I await answers!

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