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Miss Uganda bombarded with Facebook requests from City Dudes.



Miss-ug 2

When she got her new crown, most people went up in arms on Social Media wondering why the judges had selected a farmer, Leah Kalanguka, as the new Miss Uganda. A lot of spite and hate was posted about the beauty queen who has a passion for Agriculture, as most Ugandans on Social Media claimed that she was unfit to become Miss Uganda.

News on our desks, however, indicates that city dudes have now made it a point to keep her Facebook inbox busy and send her friend requests every minute in a bid to get close to the beauty queen from Iganga.

Leah, who attended Nakasero Primary School, Trinity College, Nabbingo, and Makerere University for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, has revealed that she is tired of the numerous requests coming from city dudes and mostly guys from Makerere Univeristy after she was crowned Miss Uganda.

“The past two days have been busy; I have been moving around, doing lots of interviews and meeting new people. I am suddenly overwhelmed by friend requests on my Facebook page,” she told an interviewer recently.

It is shocking that the girl who was hated so much on Social Media is now the most sought after by city dudes. Leah also noted that she doesn’t expect everyone to love her.

“I haven’t read those comments. I have just heard from people about all this negative feedback coming in. I don’t expect everyone to love me. There will always be the negative feedback, but at the end of the day, it’s what makes me stronger. People have freedom of speech. I love and believe in myself, and that is all that matters,” she said.

We will keep you posted.

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