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Ugandans React To The New Miss Uganda: “Her Face Is Mulched.”



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Miss-ug 2

By Our Reporter

The dry season finally came to an end with the harvest of the New Miss Uganda 2014/15. Leah Kalunguka was crowned the best of the best that Uganda has to offer for this year. The first runner up was Brenda Iriama and the 2nd runner up was Yasmin Taban.

However, Ugandans were not to go on silent after the announcements. Despite various people celebrating the new Miss Uganda, others were pouring out words of criticism towards her.

Celebrated Writer, Edward Nimusiima was to write; “And we have been irrigated with a new Miss Uganda. I wish her the best this planting season. May the bird weavils and pests and cassava mosaic stay away from her. May she live to harvest and keep them in her granary. But her face looks like it has been mulched.”

Jenkins Jr Karamojan-Royalty on the other hand commented; “So, you expect me to go out there and say,”Uganda is gifted by Nature?” When Miss Uganda looks like this? This has become a natural crisis. A miss Uganda that can’t get a boner out of me cannot represent all the beautiful women out there.”

Another girl from Omega Healing Centre, Betsy Nsibambi wrote;  “With deep regrets, I apologise for not taking part in this year’s miss Uganda. Otherwise this year’s choice is a no for me…sika beauty with brains but nooo…oh my!!!!look at the choice of the UPDF officers…”

Miss-Ug 1

A famous satirist wrote; “This Miss Uganda must be a New Vision Product, no single person can have so many facial errors.”

Luzze Brian reacted; “Is this the best Busoga could offer? Really, when the source of the Nile is in Busoga? Perhaps the river washed away the beauty?”

Famous Cartoonist Chris Ogon posted; “This is what happens when you use milking cows as a yardstick for determining beauty.”

O’shea Allan: “According to UPDF, she is our Miss Uganda, maybe she was the best farmer.”

Over to you, what do you think of this Year’s Miss Uganda?

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