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Meet Daniel Ibanda, the brain behind most Successful TV shows in Uganda. 



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By Stuart G-khast

Very talented and knowledgeable about his job, Daniel Ibanda is the gentleman who is behind most successful production projects yet goes unnoticed. Daniel studied and mastered the art of production no wonder he has been the brain behind almost all successful television shows.

“He is a very talented producer; the brain behind most of the successful TV shows,” a workmate told our sources.

daniela Ibanda 1

Daniel studied Film and Television production in the Republic of South Africa before invading the Ugandan production industry.

Daniel Ibanda after his return to Uganda started by producing music videos for Ugandan Musicians but later joined NTV in 2008 as a Commercial producer before becoming a show producer for the same station.

Daniel Ibanda 2

He has produced shows like Login with Robin Kisti, Life Stories with Justin Nameere and Hot Steps among others.

Daniel who now owns his own company Sawuti Production Limited is behind Loud n City, a show that will air soon on NTV.

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