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Dan Flevor Denies Posting Girlfriend’s Nude Photos on Social Media



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By Tuhairwe Joab

All has not been well with Dan Flevor for a fortnight or so following nude photos that went viral on his face book timeline apparently belonging to his girl friend.

He has since been severely criticised for his actions. One pissed fan wrote asking Flevor how he dare post a woman’s nude photo on his timeline. The said fan goes ahead to call Flevor a boy.

However, today, Dan Flevor came out clearly to deny the accusations saying he can never do that to the girl he loves. According to him, he says his phone was stolen at one beach in Entebbe and the thief in question used the chance of an open facebook account to post under his name.

“Even up to now I don’t know where my phone is,” says Dan Flevor.

He went ahead to apologize to his parents, fans and friends that this was something meant to bring him down however he believes that they can pardon him for the incident.

He still claims that because of this, his girl friend could not withstand the pressure and decided to walk out of his life despite the love that the two shared.

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