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Mckenzie Eulogizes His Late Mother In A Moving Story



mckenzieRudeboykella Mckenzie is surely one of those who stood out as they spoke about their heroes. For Mckenzie, his hero was none other than his mother, who passed away when he was 16 years old.

Mckenzie said: “”She lost her newly wedded husband when she was 6months pregnant, couldn’t fit in the new family so she was isolated for a while till she gave birth to a child that didn’t look like either of his parents, she was still young and could have hooked up any man, but she made sure she didn’t out any other man over her main man (her son) and for 16yrs she dedicated her life to building a future for him…till God noticed she was an angel he need back in heaven and took her away… This woman is my HERO….this woman is my Mother. R.I.P Mummy i would lose my life today just to see your pretty face again…regards from your grandson.”

Had mum been around today, she would have smiled with joy upon reading Mckenzie’s message. Mckenzie never saw his dad since he died before he was born. To Mama Mckenzie, you are that angel that beckons with the stars high above.

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