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I am A Buganda Prince, My Mum Drives 17 Cars, Lugudde Cries Out To Natasha



Isaac Lugudde, Ugandan BBA representative 2013

Isaac Lugudde, Ugandan BBA representative 2013

After downing lots of beer bottles, Mummy’s boy Lugudde cried out to fellow housemate Natasha as he bragged about his riches. At around 3pm late in the night after the Saturday party, Lugudde aka LK4 said:

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“I’m next in line to be King of Buganda and I can make the Big Brother prize amount in just three days,” said Lugudde. According to the official Big Brother Chase Page;

“Could it have been the drinks that were flowing like the Nile that changed LK4 from Mr. Loverman to Mr. Chatterbox? Looks likely. The Ugandan cornered Elikem after the party and told him “I don’t care about the USD 300 000. I have money from here to Jerusalem. I’m a Prince in Uganda”.

Elikem looked on without saying a word and seemed to be a tad surprised by this interesting morsel of information. LK4 also told the Ghanaian how every girl in the Ruby House wants him. “They have seen me in the shower. Every chick in here wants me because I’m well hung. That’s why I was Nominated,” he continued confidently.

LK4 was not content with just relaying this piece of news to Elikem. He scanned the House for an ear willing to listen and luckily he found Natasha, who was sitting on the couch in the lounge. He told her stories about his life of splendour and privilege.”

The alcohol content in LK4’s blood was so much, it could make a breathalyzer back home to signal ‘one at a time.’ Other than alcohol consumption being harmful to one’s health, it may endanger one’s reputation as it did for LK4.

Lugudde was apparently intentionally trying to spice up the game and get even with Zari who weeks back dissed big brother contestants for spending days yearning for money that can’t buy her Lamborghini.

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