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Man beaten after confessing to having an affair with a deceased woman during her funeral



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A widower and his son were arrested for beating a man after the death of a wife and mother.

The man and his son were charged with assault after they beat the man, who claimed during the funeral that he had an affair the wife of the widower.

The widower and his son of Beijing, China, who were identified as Zhang, were each given a one year suspended prison sentence for assault and battery after beating the man unconscious.

The victim, who was identified as Lu, had approached the son during the funeral and told him about the affair he had with his mother, and then offered to help the son if he ever needed.

The son then told his father about the affair. The widower later found cellphone records of his wife showing that she did indeed have an affair with the man.

The father and son lured Lu to a remote area and beat him up. Lu suffered a concussion, multiple fractures and a pulmonary infection as a result of the beating.

The man and his son were forced to pay the victim for damages, and the two eventually reached a settlement agreement.

The court said that the men received a light sentences due to the unusual circumstances of the case.

Source: YJ News

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