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Here Is Why Desire Luzinda Shifted Concert Back To Serena



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desire luzinda

By Edwin Junior

Desire Luzinda recently announced that she was shifting the “Black and White” concert back to Kampala Serena Hotel. She had earlier on backed out following fierce criticism, with pundits claiming she did not have what it takes to pull a sell-out crowd at the venue. She eventually bowed to the pressure and relocated her concert to a much cheaper venue.

However, when we thought the matter had finally been put to rest, she again raised the dust after she backtracked. This is quite a bold move, and she sure must have a strong backing. One thing is for certain, her fan base absolutely has nothing to do with her recent change of heart.

Reports coming through have unearthed her hidden treasure. They claim there is an Oga reeking of oil money that has promised to offer financial support to her forthcoming concert. Franklin Ebikem came to her rescue putting back a smile on Desire Luzinda’s face, and the concert is on again.

Desire Luzinda’s ‘Black and White’ concert will take place at Kampala Serena Hotel on the Friday of 6th June. Entrance will be 100,000UGX—Gold, 50,000UGX—Silver and 1.5M UGX to book a table.

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