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Lumbuye allegedly takes millions from re-known pastor – Canary defamation



By Reporter

Turkey based blogger Fred Lumbuye, who came into fame fully a year ago when it was alleged that the government had sent security agents to pick him from Turkey and bring him to face the law.

At this moment, he got a sympathy vote from social media and his following grew from roots to branches. With a big one now, the challenge is sustaining it with catchy story lines.

This has seen him use big names with little or no facts but to simply keep his following hooked.

The list has a couple of government officials and it does stretches to other big institutes including Buganda Kingdom.

Not long ago, Lumbuye attacked Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s right hand in Katikiro (Buganda Prime Minister) Charles Peter Mayiga with falsehoods.

They were always silent when that bigot attacked us, attacked the Kabaka, insulted the Nnabagereka, the katikkiro and attacked the Catholic Church. You have now seen them panicking to fly to Turkey to rescue him. You have also seen them posting on their social media platforms.” Kampala Central MP Mohammed Nsereko told Nile Post accusing top NUP officials of paying Lumbuye to attack people.

Just like any other man on a mission, sources close to Lumbuye say he is no longer just a political activist but is slowly turning into a mercenary for hire.

The trade of being paid to attack people who make news is his new favourite meal. This is evident again in a video making rounds on social media securing a meal card off Pastor Robert Kayanja’s holy reputation.

In the defamation video, a staged caller is heard telling Lumbuye how pastor Kayanja is involved in a gay relationship with celebrated NBS presenter Canary Mugume.

With a forced accent the caller claims the two meet at a house in Buzinga near Kiruddu hospital in a shaky voice the caller pulled off traits of character assassination.

This raised eyebrows and the findings from speaking to sources close to Lumbuye, this is yet another erroneous originating from the Bwaise based pastor who is well known for attacking fellow pastors be it alive or dead.

Proud of tarnishing the images of his fellow men of God he said uncouth words to the late Pastor, Augustine Yiga alias Abizaayo hours after his death before being laid to rest in peace.

Well, being in the know that now, people sieve his words before consuming them, rumour has it that he opted for a mercenary with specific instructions on how to go about the false propaganda.

The sources claim big money was paid to Lumbuye who greedily accepted the offer.

With the help of the flashy lifestyle of the youthful Mugume which was put into question especially since he was quoted as saying he leaves his wife 600,000 shillings for kameza.

Mugume, a mere journalist at NBS TV also had a flashy wedding that left many wondering how a young media personality could afford such a wedding.

In the blackmail meeting, the messenger is said to have told Lumbuye of the connection between Pastor Kayanja and Mugume which goes back to when the latter handled the version 86 project on behalf of the former.

Version 86 was a project aimed at bringing together youth who were born after 1986 when the current regime came into power.

Riding on this connection and Mugume’s being seemingly loaded at a young age the protagonists of the alleged relationship between the two hoped to make it believable and try and show that the two have been at it for so long.

Last year he was behind a group of former workers of Pastor Kayanja who stormed Rubaga miracle centre claiming unpaid wages and that they had been sodomized.

In the video that is on the page of Lumbuye he acts surprised as the caller narrates how he left Rubaga Miracle Centre because of the continued allegations.

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