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“Let them sing band” to celebrate 10 years of Gospel music



Unlike a few band groups, we have seen live Ugandan bands part ways after just few years but it is not the same story for Let them Sing Band. Let them Sing band is a band that operates under MasRob events, a 360 entertainment company.

The band will celebrate 10 years of existence on September 9th at concert they have chosen to call Worship Xplosion. The worship Xplosion concert will be headlined by the Let Them Sing Band and other performances will be from Gabbie Ntaate, Brian Lubega, Sandra Suubi, Joan Nabbosa and Zaabu among others. From Kenya, there will also be performances from artistes like Eve Wanjiru and Eve Bahati

Let Them Sing band started in 2012 with a very small family choir of 5 members at Nakirebe where they, rehearsed in a sitting room. The initial idea of the band was to minister in a home church in Kawanda (Liberty Healing Center) but more members later joined the band, and the number increased to 12 which eventually changed the band’s vision.

Let Them Sing gradually became a very strong band and many singers desired to join but it wasn’t possible since they had zeroed on 12 members. The band plays different musical instruments and has a number of songs to their name.

Tickets to the show will be Shs100,000 for standard, Shs200,000 for VIP and Shs2,000,000 for a table of 10 people.

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