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Jose Chemeleone’s new hit song “Champion” wins him 50 million shillings.



Singer Jose Chameleone has reaped big from his latest monster single CHAMPION. The singer who released his song on 4th March has reaped from it barely a month after its release. Jose Chameleone was on Monday announced the Golden song winner and won 50 million shillings from NBS television. Champion won after being voted the people’s favorite song beating four other very good songs that had emerged winners from each week of the month of March.

Chameleone will be handed his Cheque this Thursday at the Kamwokya based television at Media Plaza by the station CEO Kin Kaliisa. The reward comes days after the Leone Island boss was recognized and awarded the Legend accolade at the recent Zzina awards at Freedom city.

You can watch Champion video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQaqEIM-bsI


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