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Ivan Ssemwanga and friends pinned for filming women during sex



Ivan Ssemwanga

By BigEyeUg Team

The sex tape craze has been in Uganda for quite some time with most victims being women after a relationship breakup. Many high profile celebs like Anitah Fabiola, Desire Luzinda and Mweruka among others have had their sex tapes released to the world in a move to shame them.

We have also received information that Sangomas have become notorious for filming women during sex and using the videos to make money out of them. This comes after our sources revealed that many women who have slept with Ivan Ssemwanga and his Rich Gang boys are likely to have been recorded.

Just a few days ago, a sangoma named Amon who had sex with a one Fifi had the video leaked online. We have been told that the Sangomas have very many videos of Kampala girls that they slept with in December last year when they came to Kampala for holiday.

Spy cameras, secret gadgets, smartphones have been named as some of the tools that the sangomas are using to record their women.

Our sources have revealed that several celebs who have slept with the sangomas including Juliana who had something going with King Lawrence could be having sex tapes that will be released soon. Others include Vivian, Heard, Ellah to mention but a few.

We will keep you posted.

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