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iPhone’s camera is awful, says new Nokia ad




One way of justifying that you haven’t sold as many gadgets as another manufacturer is to explain that you’re all about quality, not quantity.

This fine argument has been used by Apple more than once.

In a new ad, Nokia picks it up and slaps Apple across the chops with it.

For here is Nokia taking Apple’s rather presumptive ad about its camera — you know, the one that claims more people take pictures with an iPhone than with any other camera — and slathering derision all over it.

The ad lures you into believing this might be that very Apple ad, or at least another in the series.

Then the voice of Helsinki sinks its teeth into Apple’s hubris: “At Nokia, we prefer to build for quality, not quantity.”

This is a noble intent, one not currently believed by my engineer friend George, who has now had to have his Lumia 920 replaced four times.

Here, though, Nokia tries to show several examples of what it sees as the sheer prosaic ordinariness of Apple’s camera offering.

Here, pictures on the iPhone 5 resemble snaps from an Instamatic compared with the dazzling joys achieved by the Lumia 925.

Colors sing, action is captured by a veritable symphony of options.

Why would anyone buy an iPhone 5 after this? Why wouldn’t everyone want an 8.7-megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss lens, and dual LED flash at their side all the time?

Especially when it can also text Pia about the new extra-pink Hello Kitty slippers its owner craves.

Clearly, Nokia has embraced the concept of its phones being a wonderful camera with a keyboard attached.

It’s an understandable strategy, one that has already been expressed in the new Lumia 1020 ad.

Given that most people seem to use their phones for everything but actually talking to people, it’s as well to own something that is identifiably yours.

Now, all Nokia has to do is to make its image a touch more contemporary. It can’t readily make an ad suggesting all iPhone users are geriatric gum-grinders.

Samsung’s already taken that space.


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Swarm Summit and Tech Expo returns this year, slated for 22nd – 23rd November



By Reporter

Hive Colab has partnered with ICT Association of Uganda (ICTAU) and will this years hold another edition of the Swarm summit. This year’s exhibition will be at UMA show ground between 22nd to 23rd Nov. 2019.

This year’s exhibition will be themed “Celebrating Uganda’s Digital Transformation”. The Swarm summit and Tech Expo is aimed at recognizing the different levels of development of Uganda’s digital landscape, showcasing the different entities working to create a harmonious tech ecosystem in the country.

“From its humble beginnings as the first tech hub almost 10 years ago, Hive Colab has supported the entrepreneurial spirit of Uganda’s in technology. Three years ago we launched the annual Swarm Summit to provide a stage where Uganda’s digital entrepreneurs could share their innovations and their stories,” said TMS Ruge; Co-founder and Director, Hive Colab. “This year, we’re thrilled to expand on that spirit with a partnership with ICTAU to launch this year’s Swarm Summit and Expo. We’re thrilled to provide a larger stage to showcase the technological innovations shaping Uganda’s digital economy,” he added.

The summit celebrates Uganda’s top business and technology minds building enterprises powering Uganda’s emerging digital economy.The Expo is open for the public to attend. To attend or exhibit register here

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Ugandan Digital Agency “Definite Creations” ranks 9th among top Web Design companies in the world



Ugandan website designing company Definite Creations has been ranked among the top global website designing companies by Yahoo Finance Magazine. The Ugandan website designing giant beat over 1,500 participating companies to a top slot.

Definite Creations is a premier digital agency in Uganda providing compelling digital solutions in professional website design and hosting services, search engine optimization and social media marketing, mobile Apps and software development to help businesses achieve more.

Participating in this ranking and emerging 9th out of the top 25, Definite Creations managed to beat over 1,500 participating companies from different countries based on price, portfolios, reviews, leadership and expertise.

Speaking to Definite Creations about this milestone, Lodi Daniel, the founder and CEO of Definite Creations admits that it’s a very humbling experience having your company feature on prominent magazine like Yahoo Finance, “I would like to give the glory back to God and thank all the team at Definite Creations for the great work they are doing thus far. And this is our renewed commitment to continue providing quality and effective Digital marketing services to our clients and urge businesses to embrace Digital to spiral their business growth” He added.

“Definite Creations is currently serving clients in Uganda, South Sudan, South Africa and this ranking will provide opportunities for us to tap into the global clientele”.


The survey was carried out by DesignRush, a B2B market place that features the top agencies around the world, including the best Digital Agencies, Logo Design, Branding, Digital Marketing, Website Design, ecommerce Web Design Companies, and more.

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Infinix to unveil a phone with the latest technology



By Staff Writer

Infinix Mobility’s newest gadget brings science fiction to reality with the Augmented Reality.

The tech company is rumored to unveil its hottest new innovation on 8th July 2019 which includes Augmented Reality (AR)core, AR measure and Quick note. Infinix Mobility has proved extremely impressive setting a trend in the smartphone industry with its latest technology in the upcoming device, the NOTE6 aimed at providing users with reasonably priced device with a higher level of technology.

“We are moving from being just a smartphone company to bringing the high technology to everyone at affordable prices and the pretty cool NOTE6 is the beginning of greater innovation. The NOTE6 may not only be a phone with the AR core but is a device below One million shillings with such great features for everyone.” Marketing Manager, Ms. Gladys Liu said.

The NOTE6 AI powered X-pen comes with a lot of interesting functions which automatically detects and connects phone numbers, reminders, alarm clocks from the content recorded.

In addition, the X-pen has Intelligent gesture which can quickly erase the modified content, export pictures / format easily to spreadsheets, word document and handwritten font is easily translated into text.

The NOTE6 is rumored to have triple rear cameras, with a 3 days battery life and a tremendous upgrade in the RAM and storage capacity providing a user with space enough to store over 15,000 pictures, videos and a smooth user experience without lagging.

The NOTE6 will be available in three colors.

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