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I have come to create my own journey, not fighting Sheebah – Rahma Pinky



By BigEyeUg Team

Team No Sleep music camp newly signed talent Nanyanzi Rahma alias Rahma Pinky has distanced herself from reports that she is being used by manager Jeff Kiwa as a weapon to crackdown his former singer, Sheebah Karungi.

Appearing in the media for the first time, the 17-year-old sensational singer refuted reports negatively relating her to Sheebah Karungi.

Pinky said the idea of fighting Sheebah has never crossed her mind especially with the fact that she respects her (Sheebah).

She also revealed strong determination to establish her own journey.

I have not come to fight Sheebah. I respect her, ofcourse she is a standing artist. But I have also come to create my own journey,” said Rahma Pinky.

She also claimed neither to have encountered nor talked to Sheebah Karungi.

We have not met and talked before. I don’t think we have anything like a bad relationship because for me I respect her,” she said.

Meanwhile, Rahma Pinky has released a new song “Super Star” under her new camp, Team No Sleep (TNS).

However, she has been gun-pointed for her voice sounding more-likely as Sheebah’s in the new song, a thing that Pinky claims its not her fault.

My intension is not to be Sheebah’s direct competitor but I was given the song, went to studio and recorded it just. It’s just a hearsay that I sound like Sheebah and its not my fault.

Sheebah Karungi and Jeff Kiwa were confirmed to have split earlier this month after almost 8years of an impressing working relationship.

In their working duration, Sheebah has had such a splendid music career, elevating her among the top female artists on the continent.

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