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Huawei unveils Ascend P6, world’s slimmest smartphone




Smartphone’s ‘instant facial beauty support’ capitalises on growing trend for ‘selfies’ and will retail below price for latest Apple iPhone


The world’s thinnest smartphone, with a touch screen so sensitive it responds to gloved hands, has been unveiled by rising Chinese manufacturer Huawei in the latest challenge to the iPhone.

The Ascend P6 is just over 6mm thick, comes in white, black and baby pink, and in language usually associated with skin creams rather than computer technology, its maker claims the camera’s “instant facial beauty support” software reduces wrinkles and blends skin tone.

The phone capitalises on the growing popularity of the self portrait or “selfie”, examples of which now litter the internet, with celebrities from Justin Bieber to Rihanna as likely to photograph themselves as their friends and family.

While smartphone front facing cameras – those on the same side as the screen – have tended to be low resolution, the Ascend P6 has 5 megapixels, compared to 1.2 for the iPhone 5. Its rear camera has 8 megapixels, equivalent to Apple’s phone.

On sale from July, and with a recommended price of €449 (£385), or £21 a month with a contract, it is cheaper than the latest iPhone, which costs £529 in the UK. The P6 is made with metal and glass and less plastic than previous Huawei models, but the current version lacks the iPhone’s ability to run on 4G networks.

“The keen price is evidence that Huawei is prepared to use pricing as a way of building share in major European markets,” said analyst Ben Wood at CCS Insight. “Huawei has made substantial progress in design and quality, but the big unanswered question is whether consumers will accept a product from an almost unknown name in preference to established brands.”

With Apple and Samsung taking the lion’s share of profits to be made from smartphones, operators and retailers are keen to redress the balance of power away from the duopoly. Huawei’s launch event in Camden’s Roundhouse was attended by Carphone Warehouse chairman Sir Charles Dunstone, who took to the stage to describe Huawei as “the most fantastic partner”.

Its phones are popular in China, but despite setting the ambitious goal of selling 60m smart handsets in 2012, Huawei managed a less dazzling 32m and failed to rank among the top five vendors, according to research firm IDC.

The company has been most successful as a maker of mobile and broadband network equipment., overtaking European and American rivals to become the second largest vendor after Sweden’s Ericsson.

Its presence throughout BT’s copper and fibre lines, and in the 4G equipment being installed by the UK’s largest mobile phone company, Everything Everywhere, has raised security concerns in the UK.

This month, a parliamentary committee rebuked ministers for failing to monitor the use of Huawei’s equipment in UK networks.

Blocked from buying companies in the United States, where politicians have discouraged telecoms companies from buying its equipment, Huawei is hoping to the P6 will enhance its own image in Western markets.

Guardian UK

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Celebrity Gossip

I did everything I could for Rema – Kenzo wishes baby mama well in her new marriage



By Staff Writer

Musician Eddy Kenzo has penned an emotional letter for baby mama and fellow musician Rema Namakula.

The singer who will be wedded to another man in November this year, is deep in love as her song suggests with her new man.

Kenzo on the other hand seems heartbroken and has wished her well.

Here is Kenzo’s open letter to Rema.

I wanted to record this on a video so that it shall remain on record. Unfortunately i have failed, given that i’m the worst writter..

Okay!! Rema yazaala Aamal musuuza malaika ye maama we forever and for good that will never change, so kitegeza nti we will talk to each other mpaka nga one of us mukama amujurudde mubulamu bw’ensi eno .

Nga wadde okusomozebwa kunji abantu banji abanyinako obukyayi bunji for their own reasons which is okay, kubanga Ensi bwetyo mukama yatusinga okumanya i have nothing to do okujako okubareka,

Abalabe bange banji bembadde manyi n’ebentegedde mumbera eno, they are using this chance okunsula they are doing their level best to make sure I go back to Street, which is okay, it’s ok kubanga era that’s my home nze ndi kaana kambata and it’s very possible life can change and I end up on street again awo byebyo. Kubanga tukirabyeko nga ba once billionaire bazeyo ku zero kisoboka and I can feel the effort. Amanyi bali mukozesa manji nyo okunsuula era ngawurira I congratulate you people, you are winning banange amanyi gampedde.

I’m a fighter hustler mukunonya sente but not in fighting people so I don’t think I can win this battle honestly speaking.

Nga wadde embera eri bwetyo nze sigenda kuvayo nyanike maama wo mwana wange mubantu for the sake of winning this battle no, abig noooo.

I won’t give you what you want era mwogere mpaka wemunakowa, like jugde me makama anaturamura.

Abantu oba bankyaye it’s okay, at least I will quit music and do something else naye nga sigenda kubagamba byama bya family yange.

Munsi teli atayagala kirungi fena byetukolerera naye ekirunji bwekiba kyanemye kitegeza kyanemye for so many reasons ekirunji kakyanemye however much I wanted it so bad.

I have to protect Rema no matter what sigenda kola interviews I’m no gona prove my self right, kasita katonda y’e amanyi why our relationship failed, we wanted to have best couple and best life naye ensi bwetyo. Fenga abantu tusaba birara naye mukama aba n’entegeka aze. nsabira maama Aamal obufumbo oburungi nsaba ALLAH akutere emirembe mu Mr Sebunya Doctor, akwagale nyo okusinga nze bwenkwagala kubanga bwanansinga okwagala ajakuba akwagadde byansuso REMA!!! nkwagala and I remember telling you this in our last conversation 2 weeks back. Era mbadde nkigamba from day one. And you know its not new to you I always told you I love you. I don’t know oba you believed me or not but let me repeat here, nkwagala nyo that’s why you will always be family forever.

NAMAKULA! gw’omanyi ebyange munange, like ebyapa byange gwe abirina card z’emotoka abaana n’ebirara era nzikiriza nkusabbe mu public nti bwoba otuse okuva E’seguku nga ogenda awuwo in your new blessings please take everything you want. remember nze another thing okimanyi ndimuragajavu nyo ate ntambula nyo ebintu byange bija kumburako so keep them for me please. Until I trust someone else again

Abagamba nti nyina omukazi oba abakazi abalala ekyo sikitufu I’m single and not searching for same reasons.

I congratulate you Mr SEBUNYA yogayoga ssebo. Rema mwagale bambi becouse your the man of her dreams and the reason why she made this big decision, she is living her dreams mashallah.

May the almighty show you the way,

Aamal mwana wafe era nsaba omwagale she is a sister to the coming Sebunya’s.

REMA oyo gworaba mbadde naye for the last 5 years i have been with her mubera enzibu enyo enyo enyo enyo nga jenkomeza tuyise mubinji and its one of the reasons why, our relationship failed naye mumbera eyo simukubyeko wade oluuyi. Simuyombesangako bantu tubadde toyombera mukisenge tankwatirangako mubwenzi nga wadde ebigambo bagamugambye binji simulazeko mukazi yena sizadde wabweru omwana gweyansanga naye Era gwe nkyalina era y’e maya musuuza mirembe i have 2 kids maya and Aamal.

I pushed her to be a better person wrote for her big Hits and participated in production of hits that will stay forever she will sing this music for so many years. like I’m not perfect but i have tried ma best, remember she is the best vocalist of all times she loves music with all her heart if you give her support on her career that will be the best feeling ever so Good luck my brother:

NOTE I’m not your enemy’s era tompitangako taata wange bino byansi ate bibawo Salaam Aleikm 🙏🙏🙏

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The Ajiry App to solve the unemployment problem. 



By Staff Writer

Unemployment is still a bad vice in Uganda. Each day that passes, the rate skyrockets. To tackle this problem, we have introduced a platform called Ajiry App.

It was developed on grounds of solving unemployment by bridging the gap between employees and employers.

This is a platform that connects people to people, business to people and people to business.

It was driven by the insight that the real problem wasn’t lack of jobs, but how to find the available jobs. The app is here to ease the process of connecting people to prospective employers.

“We also wanted to solve the inconvenience of youth having to move miles with brown envelopes looking for jobs so we thought a platform where one can earn from their several skills without having to spend too much and go through much trouble with middle men,” says Judith Kurubakanya from Ajiry App Uganda.

The app is available on playstore for download however one can still register directly from the web without downloading the app. This provision was put in place to cater for clients without smartphones but can access internet cafe and register their skills with the app.

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Development Channel further unveils plans for Uganda with video Testimonials



Development Channel chairman Charles Lambart has further spread his firm testimony of his company works. Development Channel has shared its first tablet testimony and accompanied it with statement.

They said “I understand that most of you have never seen anything like Development Channel before hence find it hard to understand it. Every developed nation has a few private sector companies with deep innovations that brought billions of dollars into their economy helping fastrack their development. In today’s world, such innovations that cut through countless economies are online. Facebook, Google, Apple, and others are bringing in billions of dollars into the United States. Alibaba, Hauwei are doing the same for China. Hardly any African country has such a company hence the lack in various countries in Africa. Through the awesome enabling environment of our great father, His excellency, President Yoweri Museveni, we are able to stay in Uganda and launch the world’s first international development Mobile App to all the 192 countries in the world. Our unprecedented innovations in the global economic system covering the Pan African Economic System, Greater European Economic System, Great Americas Economic System, Greater East Asia Economic system, and the Greater South Asia Economic System means we will lead the world’s economy in little or no time bringing billions of dollars into Uganda like others have done in other nations.

We spent much of last year enrolling the immediate beneficiaries of the anticipated windfall risk free for them through payment for our computer tablets.

We have only just started exporting our innovation but here are a few video testimonials of the impact we are making already. In a few years from now, Uganda will look like any developed nation in the world as envisioned by M7. Enjoy watching the videos and Keep us in your prayers. The Pearl of Africa must shine”

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