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Former big brother contestant Hannington to start a TV show



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Hannington Kuteesa, Ugandan BBA representative in BBA Revolution and StarGame

When asked what the show will be about, the double BBA Ugandan representative explained that it will involve telecasting the reality of our local celebrities in the radio fraternity ranging from what they do at home, how they go to their places of work, how they prepare for their shows and the main on air programs will also be filmed.

We also got to learn that the show was at one point under way but due to financial constraints and negligence of one his partners leading to loss of footage of about 10 episodes, it was halted with plans of embarking on it again before October this year.

You will be able to see some of these and more of your favourite radio personalities. Get ready for Alex Ndaura, Roger Mugisha, Fat Boy, Prosy Patra, Bina Baibe, Ndausi Omulangila and many others.

Don’t attempt to copy Hannington’s idea, Uganda Communication Commission has it copyrighted according to a inside source. We cant wait for the show.

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