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Farmers learn how to improve productivity at National Agricultural show



National Agricultural show

By Our Reporter

National Animal Genetic Resource Centre and Databank (NAGRC&DB), who are one of the exhibitors at this year’s National Agricultural show, are training farmers and other participants on how to improve productivity on their farms.

The centre is showcasing various products with the aim to create nationwide awareness of all their products and provide access to genetic solutions that will improve on the production and productivity of the livestock of the farmers.

The Centre intends, through the training and information imparted at this show, to point farmers and the general public into the direction of commercial agriculture and wealth creation opportunities from their various enterprises.

At the showgrounds, participants receive training on managing a profitable dairy farming business as well as knowledge on the best breeds, practices that will produce quality dairy products cost effectively. On display are the best cattle beef breeds ranging from the indigenous, crossbreeds and pure breeds.

Other modern breeding technologies such as Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfers (MOET) are also being showcased focusing on the advantage of this service which enables cows to produce up to 100 calves as compared to normal cycles in its lifetime producing quality breeds that are disease resistant which the market demands by taking advantage of good genetics in female livestock.

The centre is also showcasing improved quality breeds of pigs and also providing training on how to increase productivity of pig products to meet local demands and free more pork for export.

National Agricultural show

Also, on display are house/structures for the Rabbits, type of feeds or nutrition best for this enterprise and the best breeds to rear.

Now in its 28th edition, the National Agricultural show which is happening at the Jinja show grounds and will run until 14th August 2022

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