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Lira piles praise for Jose Chameleone as he returns to region 10 years after aiding in peace talks to end LRA/Kony war



Jose Chameleone was on sunday in Lira where he was welcomed by a forever grateful crowd. Even when this is usual for the singer who is a household name for his much loved and appreciated music, for Lira and the northern Uganda region,there has always been an extra attachment with the singer.

Jose Chameleone’s name stays close to the hearts of the people in the region for the great role he played while they experienced the brutal torture of Joseph Kony in his quest to uproot the NRM government and President Museveni.

Jose Chameleone in 2012 teamed up with Us mission Uganda to peaceful engage Kony in talks to end the LRA War in Northern Uganda and a few years later ended the war, something the region has never forgetten about Chameleone.

Lira residents could not hide their excitement and appreciation as he entered the town and later performed at Grand Pacific hotel.

The singer later posted “Lira, Once been here on a peace mission #KONY2012 @usmissionuganda. Thank you for loving me. Afwoyo!!! It was as all Empty, Grief on the faces of my brothers and sisters. 20 years later

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