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Dr Diini Kisembo officially launches political ambitions, eyes NRM vice chairperson seat for western Uganda



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By Reporter

With the polital atmosphere heating up for the 2021 elections, persons with political ambitions are heating up to the task. Diini Kisembo from western Uganda, Kagadi is one of the youthful people with high ambitions and is eying a political seat that has been long sought after by many. Diini Kisembo on Friday in Mbarara expressed and announced intentions to unseat Matayo Kyaligonza who is also Ugandan ambassador to Burundi.

Diini while in Mbarara launched his first ever major political move with a rich manifesto which included reducing People Power pressure group influence among the youth in Western Uganda.

Diini Emmanuel Kisembo is the current Executive Director of Bunyoro Kitara Youth Initiative for Development and intends to take on higher office saying it’s high time youth also takes up shares in leadership positions.

“I will restore and revive NRM party structures in Western Uganda, engage youth” Dr Kisembo concluded.

Here are some moments from the launch

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