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No competition between Anne and Salvado, says their manager




By Isaac Mites 

Recently it was on everybody’s lips that King of Comedy Idringi Salvado had snatched the Queen of Comedy Anne Kansiime’s personal manager and it was rumored that this would result into a rift between the two successful comedians. However, the man at the center of the would-be fight, Chief Johnson Mujungu has come out to calm the minds of the pessimistic fans pointing out that there is no competition between Salvado and Anne.

Mujungu’s posted on his face book timeline saying; “And for the record, there is no competition between Kansiime Anne and Patrick Idringi Salvado in as far as their management by Grajoh Talent Management/Public Relations goes. Competition? What competition? It’s not even competition! It is about the love for and appreciation of these two vastly talented artists. You wouldn’t know that Patrick was one of the first to write to us about a year ago encouraging and supporting us for working with Anne. Just like you wouldn’t know Anne in more than one way made it possible for Patrick to join our team. Well, now you do!

He continued to say; “The two have a history solid enough to continue propelling on, and along with their colleagues. They are collaborators and not dividers. For me personally, it’s a blessing to be working with the two and I am proudly associated. Let’s support our talent! The best is yet to come!”

People were concerned because it’s does not seem right to work with apparently two competing loyalties as this creates incompetence and sometimes hatred. However, Johnson Mujungu insists there is no competition between the two comedians.

Let’s hope for the best from the upcoming comic duo.

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