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Cleopatra Kyohweire Still Single?



cleopatra Edwin Junior


Love is a phenomenon, that one can never quite fully comprehend. For instance, why would some one considered beautiful in every sense of the word; cute face and a perfect body shape-one similar to a bottle of cocacola, still be single?

Aren’t they any good men out there? One cant help but wonder. That’s how perplexing matters of the heart are. It does not really matter what your social status is. Cleopatra is no ordinarily lady. She is a multi-talented woman. She is a writer, celebrated singer, and charming actress who has featured in a number of movies-the most prominent being “The last king of Scotland.”

She is also a presenter on Radio City, an urban radio station in Kampala. Cleo has tried to keep her love life as covert as possible almost never appearing in the tabloids. None the less, she been rumored to be having a clandestine affair with a fellow celebrated dancehall artist – Peter Miles.

None of them has however ever acknowledged the claims. Cleo has yet again come out to rubbish the rumors posting on her timeline, ” I think it is now necessary that I put this out there and clear the air once and for all because the questions & stories (most false) about me and Peter Miles never end. He is NOT the man in my life. When I am ready to make my relationship public, you will know who the special man is. I promise. Thank you.”

It seems like the rumors have done more harm than good; keeping all potential suitors at bay and now she cant take it anymore.

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