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Chris Evans reveals why he now prefers Zanie Brown, my ex used to beat me



Chris Evans who has recently been in News for his public revelation that he has made all attempts to date fellow singer Zanie Brown has finally revealed why he left his ex lover and niw wants a more calm partner.

During a press conference today in Industrial area, Chris Evand revealed he had been suffering domestic violance under his now former lover. “My ex would beat me, I would fear to hit her back or reprt to police for fear that it would become public and its shaming for a woman to beat a woman.” He said. When further questioned why he wanted Zanie Brown, he said “I think Zanie Brown is calm amd living but most importantly she us beautiful. Being a fellow artiste she would know and understand my schedule”

Chris Evans has promised to brimg Zanie Brown to bis concert at Obligato at any vost because it will be his chance to show public affection and seriousness to the matter

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