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Chris Evans Kaweesi thanks Uganda Police for helping him



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BigEyeUg Team

It is not everyday that Ugandans take a moment to thank the men and women of Uganda Police Force for the things they do for their country and it’s citizens. It is always one complaint after another.

However, singer Chris Evans Kaweesi has proved different after Uganda Police recovered his stolen car and helped him get it back.

Speaking about his recent ordeal where he was clobbered by robbers who used a hammer to hit his head until he was unconscious, the singer thanked police for their good work.

He said that he was very happy that his car was found as he thanked the police and every concerned person, especially those on social media, who acted on his behalf when they received the news.

‘Maybe it is that quick reaction that forced the thieves to abandon the car,’ Kaweesi said.

Musician Chris Evans Kaweesi playing a guitar

On Tuesday night, Chris Evans was attacked by hammer welding men who were travelling on a motorcycle. At first, Chris says that he thought they were normal people minding their own business. Things got out of hand when they kept following him even after he had made a few unplanned turns. At this point, Chris evens decided to enter someone’s gate, he hooted but the men got off their motorcycle and signaled for him to get out of the car. He refused, they crushed the car window and got him out. They hit him on the head with a hummer and started driving off with his car. He made noise and tried to stop them, they got out of the car and hit him again until he was unconscious.

When he got up, he made a call to his manager who drove him to hospital. The car was recovered by Police the following morning abandoned by the thieves.

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