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How Chris Evans Kaweesi found his car



BigEyeUg Team

Last night was a nightmare for singer Chris Evans Kaweesi who was attacked by robbers on his way home from Nansana.

According to the singer, he has gone to Nansana for a haircut, although some say he had gone to see a female friend in the area only realise that he was being followed by robbers on a bodaboda who clobbered him, and drove off with his Toyota car and belongings.

Musician Chris Evans Kaweesi playing a guitar

According to an eye witness who has a rolex stall near Mutundwe, the robbers were first involved in an argument amongst themselves on what to do with the car and then they decided to abandon it to avoid being caught.

The car was later discovered by Police and taken to Lungujja Zone 8 Police post where the singer made a statement and recovered it.

Evans was taken to hospital in Mengo where he was treated and is now at home on bed rest for 4 days.

We will keep you posted.

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