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Chameleone, Emron agree on collabo.



By Stuart G-khast

Body guard singer Emron is a happy man as we reveal this. Known for his gospel hit “body guard”, Emron has since then remained relevant in the music industry.

Word coming through is the singer has come to terms with Dr.Jose Chameleone to do a collabo with him.When contacted Emron responded affirmatively and confirmed that it was a friendly talk in which he exchanged one of his well bred dogs for a collabo with the maestro singer Chameleone.

In the song which is to be recorded after Chameleone returns from his trip we expect producer Washington to feature on the track as well.

Emron is also known for his love for dogs which also serves as his side business.

Emron sings in the EASTAFRICAN REBELZ along with Washington and rap nature and together they have done songs like Papa Godoh, Sharifah, Nobody and are now shooting Ngwe Ngwe Ngwe.

Talent meets vocals,we expect a hit song on this.



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