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Buchaman Crys Out As Fire Base Crew Kicks off World Tour In Turkey.



instabulAfter hearing that his former music bloc was starting a world music tour, the former Fire Base crew member started weeping tears like a baby as he saw his dream of touring the world slipped through he loose fingers. Buchaman who reportedly left the Kamwokya based music crew for better green pastures, is now regretting after realising that his career was heading to the desert.

The Kamwokya Based music bloc started off their music tour a few days back as we saw pictures of their helm, Bobi Wine, flooding all over his official facebook page swagging in Istanbul, Turkey.

Bobi Wine took it to his facebook page to announce the commencement of the tour and said “To all Fire Base Fanz in
Turkey. Our World Tour begins with you, will be with you for dinner tonite,Play Football with the Ugandan Turkey Students
Association tomorrow and Sunday, the Kibani will fall with the
Bananaz.see you all.”

After the rumours that circulated pointing at Bobi for failing to repay an Equity Bank Loan that was used to acquire his famous One Love beach, we are certain that it was false. He be spending money.

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