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Bebe Cool tips Irene Ntale to take on the Big stage



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irene Ntale and Bebe Cool

Music Star Bebe Cool and the beautiful Irene Ntale on stage

No upcoming singer has received as much positive criticism as Irene Ntale. The petite singer with body of a French model could make one develop a feeling of ”vraintment dessole” considering that she hails from the same nation as Straka Mwezi.

However, not her voice! Her love themed lyrics paint a colour of romance bringing the French city of romance, Paris into picture.
While announcing the release of their duet dubbed ”love letter” at McKenzie’s launch of Kella PR at Gato Mato on Thursday night, Bebe Cool showered her with praises tagging the priceless ”next-big-thing” label.

Described by Sunday Magazine in 2010 as ”songbird with succulent melody and flow of lyrics like honey dripping on rose petals”, Irene has been poised to take on the big stage.

The critic went on to flatter her vocal prowess mentioning her vocal range in same breath as Whitney Houston and challenging her to emulate former I-Jay singers Juliana and Iryn.

A lover of acoustic sounds, Irene started her musical journey while at Makerere High School, Miggade, then later joined Victory church choir, Ntinda and has since grown to host her own theme night, ”Acoustic Night with Irene Ntale” at the prestigious Emin Pasha hotel.
Will she translate these praises to fuel her rise? The spotlight is on her!!

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