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All Mowzey Radio’s properties named, this is what Weasel and Frank are fighting over



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Top musician Weasel Manizo has had a hard time trying to protect his former duo-mate Mowzey Radio who died back in February.

From fighting with the deceased vocalist’s brother to fighting with fans. It has been a tough time for Weasel. However, the ‘Tokyayitaba’ singer remains unshaken on his decision to hand over the property to Mowzey’s children since that is why they were singing and spending sleepless nights in studio in the first place.

Today we take a look at the property that Mowzey left behind that has caused a lot of fights.

Mowzey Radio owned 3 estates in Entebbe Behind Serena.

He also had a house at the Lake side in Entebbe which was still under construction.

He owned land and a house in Rwanda.

He owned a farm in Kayunga where Frank is doing plantation.

Owned land in Kagga.

Owned land in Jinja and a house for rentals.

Owned land were he was planing to put a beach along River Nile.

He had Over 8 Cars and owned rentals in Entebbe as well.

Interestingly Weasel owns properties in almost all the above places. He also own land in Kagga which he decided to give to Radio’s family.

Speaking about Radio’s property, Weasel had this to say.

‘Frank, the problem I have with you is that when I was working with Radio you were not there. I promised him and he promised me that our kids will be better than those that are there. I want to protect Radio’s things and not steal. Shame the devil and tell the truth Frank, you know I don’t want to steal the kids things. I have seen everything. I don’t want you to confuse the public. I want Radio’s children to get their things. When Radio was working he didn’t work for you, we worked for our children. If you didn’t work for yourself, you are in trouble. Radio told me that he was working for his children. I have my money, that is why Frank wants to steal from me.’

Lillian Mbabazi with her children at Mowzey Radio’s requiem service

Kingsley Ssekibogo, Mowzey Radio’s son.

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