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Actress Stella Kasibante Ventures Into Standup Comedy



Stella Kasibante of popular TV show, Deceptions

Stella Kasibante of popular TV show, Deceptions

Like they say, hit the nail on the head, when it is still red hot. NTV popular local soap opera Deception star has made up her mind to join stand up comedy at time when her min series is selling like a hot cake on TV.


Kasibante who graduated with a bachelor degree in tourism at Makerere University last year had her first comedy experience at centenary park during the weekly performances by the Uganda’s cream comedians. The group cracks peoples ribs there every Wednesday.

Despite the fact that it was her first time on stage for a comedy show and before a crowd that boos at times when you don’t deliver to their expectations, Kasibante was prepared and indeed moved the audience when she made use of her sexy body to illustrate a few jokes.  She for example explained how female teachers lead male students into temptation when they are writing on blackboard as they swing their booties, a joke that had everyone bursting into laughter.

“I was shocked and I had to stoop my head when I saw her get on stage but my head went up any more minute she began cracking very funny jokes. I thought she was to going to be booed”. Said her friend Andrew

Unlike some comedians who repeatedly used the same old jokes that provoked people into booing them, she seemed to bring in a new university derived flavor comedy that took the audience by surprise and she garnered praise.

If all goes well for this beautiful, young and energetic female comedian, the sky is the limit for her when she combines real acting and comedy. We wish her nothing but the best.

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