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6 Sex Habits That Are More Common Than You Think




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I’m not very big on routine, but I do have many habits — especially in bed. For instance, I love to climb on top of my boo and work my hips before he flips me over and takes control. I also give his Johnson some loving before we do the deed. It’s a habit he definitely doesn’t want me to break!

I’m not the only one with certain sex customs, routines and habits. According to Dr. Kat Van Kirk, Adam & Eve’s resident sexologist, there are six common sex habits that many of us share:

1. Bondage

Folks practiced bondage long before 50 Shades of Grey made it popular. In fact, “27% of Americans use some form of bondage in their sex life, including blindfolds, restraints and paddles,” Dr. Van Kirk shared. It can actually be a liberating experience, as it allows Type A personalities to loosen the reigns and be controlled — for once. Just make sure that the rules and boundaries are clear.

2. Faking Orgasms

Yep, even men can fake orgasms. Contrary to popular belief, women aren’t the only ones who sometimes fake it during sex. “A recent study showed that 30 percent of males have admitted to doing so,” Dr. Van Kirk said. But, you’re so sexy and seductive a man would never fake an orgasm — EVER! But, it isn’t about you. “The lack of ability to climax can be affected by a range of factors such as alcohol, tiredness, stress and medication,” the doctor continued. “They may then fake the orgasm, so their partner is not left disappointed.” Yeah, we do that, too.

3. Anal Sex

Some people may clutch their pearls when it comes to anal sex, but many women enjoy a little backdoor action. “Orgasm rates are higher for those women that have anal sex compared to those that have straightforward vaginal sex,” Van Kirk revealed. Despite this, anal sex is still somewhat taboo among heterosexual couples. So, why not grab some lubricant and give it a go, chicas? You might just love it.

4. Masturbating

Whenever I speak about sex I start with masturbation. It’s healthy, it feels good, and you shouldn’t be ashamed to pleasure yourself. Well, most of you are listening! Studies revealed that 94 percent of men and 84 percent of women between the ages of 25 to 29 are masturbating. “Nearly 50 percent of both men and women within this age bracket self-pleasure with their partner by their side, and 52 percent of women admit to using vibrators regularly,” Dr. Kat added. Maturbating provides sexual pleasure and allows us to cope with stress. Plus, it spices up your relationship with your lover.

5. Not Making Noise

Most women are actually pretty quiet in the bedroom. “Women tend to become more focused on climaxing and internalize their sounds and pleasure before they orgasm,” Van Kirk shared. When we orgasm — BOOM! We sing our hearts out. So, the next time the guy on top of you asks, “Why are you’re so quiet?”, direct him to this very article.

6. Exploring Sexual fantasies

Whether you fantasize about being tied up or having sex in public, sexual fantasies might be the most common of all sex habits. Exploring said sexual fantasies not only provides the ultimate release from day-to-day stresses, but it also helps meet the needs of both you and your partner. It can be a truly exciting time sexually, which makes exploring sexual fantasies a habit you shouldn’t break.

Source: Latina.com

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