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5 most Famous artistes of 2020



By Stuart G-Khast

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5. Daddy Andre

Daddy Andre has had the most hit songs of 2020 and that is enough to keep him on the list. He has also been popular for breaking a heart and mending another in the same year.

4. John Blaq

For the second year running John Blaq has remained the finest new kid on the block. His monotomous voice and style still interests masses. 2020 will never forget a resilient young core voiced Ugandan singer.

3. Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool has been hard to ignore over the year and more so this year when he rivals presidential candidate Bobi Wine even when he is not a politician. Bebe Cool has not so much been popular for music this year but for putting a resistance opposition politicians felt each time they brought their head out of the den.

2. Jose Chameleone

For the past 20 years Jose Chameleone has been the most famous singer year in year out and it is no different this year. Chameleone’s popularity slightly surpasses the usual considering his mayoral ambitions. He has become popular even in an arena he was not so often mentioned.

1.Bobi Wine

Largely because he is a politician and now the face of opposition politics in Uganda, Bobi Wine was undoubtedly the most famous singer of 2020 in Uganda.

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