• Doctors warn Weasel TV off Booze

    By BigEyeUg Team All is not well with musician Weasel TV thanks to his booze addiction. We have been informed that the singer who is in love with the bottle has been asked by doctors to ‘leave it or leave’....

    Photo: Zari and Diamond Platnumz ‘do it’ like in the Soap Operas

    By BigEyeUg Team The latest photos from Tanzanian award winning singer Diamond and his girlfriend Zari the boss lady are mouth watering. The two look like they are STRAIT OUTTA A SOAP OPERA as Diamond slowly caresses and holding his...

    Musician Tindatine says Uganda Cranes baller is ‘weak in bed’

    By BigEyeUg Team. The relationship between Ugandan musician Lady Mariam aka Tindatiine and her lover, Uganda Cranes footballer, Robert Ssentongo has gone to the dogs. This after the singer revealed that her man is not enough for her and is...

    Eddy Kenzo to unite with the Ghetto kids.

    By BigEyeUg Team After a series of inside wrangles between Eddy Kenzo and the ghetto kids who featured in his sitya loss song, the two parties are set to mend their relationship. Kenzo recently contacted the kids manager to have...


    couple kiss 2

    8 Smart Tips To Know If His Kisses Really Mean ‘I Love You’

    Here are 8 ways you can decide if his kisses actually mean, “I love you.” 1. You don’t have to justify...

    by - August 27, 2015


    6 Top Reasons Why Men Fall In Love With Other Women Aside Their Wives

    “Why did my husband fall in love with another woman?” It can haunt your every thought, but isn’t simply answered. Despite...

    by - August 27, 2015


    4 Things your man definitely wants to hear

    Men need praise and appreciation just as much as women do. Here are a few examples of compliments that your man...

    by - August 27, 2015

    Couple enjoying dinner

    5 Ways to avoid dating the Wrong Guy

    You don’t have to waste months or even weeks on the wrong guy. As much as we want to believe that...

    by - August 27, 2015


    LIVE VIDEO FEED: Highway Africa Conference – Day 2

    LIVE VIDEO FEED: Highway Africa Conference – Day 2 The 2015 conference has the theme – Journalism and the City. The...

    by - August 31, 2015


    Miracle? Shocking Apparitions of the Virgin Mary In Rubaga Cathedral

    By Rev.Fr Anthony Musaala THE ORIGINAL PHOTO AT RUBAGA Allow me to narrate the story of some baffling photographs one of...

    by - August 30, 2015


    Live feed from Highway Africa Conference – Day 1

    Watch Live feed from Highway Africa Conference – Day 1

    by - August 30, 2015


    Brazilian Builds Water-Powered Motorbike, Gets 310 Miles Out Of 1 Liter Of Water.

    For decades there have been stories about vehicles that could run on water, and now we can actually see one of...

    by - August 29, 2015

    radio - weasel

    Radio & Weasel’s “Juicy” is, indeed, juicy

    When the audio came through, it started off on a low key, like a tsunami in the ocean, but it picked...

    by - July 15, 2015


    Bebe Cool has finally got it with great videos, ‘Byebyo’ tells it all

    Truth is, Bebe Cool’s videos were amateurish for a longtime he has been in the industry. The audios were great, but...

    by - July 2, 2015

    juliana 1

    Juliana Kanyomozi slowly coming back to her best in ‘Kalibatanya’

    Admittedly, Juliana has fallen off the shelf a few months ago. I struggle to remember when she last had a popular...

    by - June 25, 2015

    Jackie Chandiru

    Music Review: Wotuuse – Jackie Chandiru

    She has been in the news for her wedding to a dutch pensioner. Before all that brouhaha, she had grown silent....

    by - May 16, 2015


    Sister intensifies search for late Ruthie’s killers.

    By Stuart G-khast Two days after the death of Ruthie Precious Bushaija, the search for her killers is still on and...

    by - August 7, 2015

    Ntare school

    Ntare School Suspends Students Over Homosexuality

    By Our Reporter Ntare School, the Ugandan school that has produced two current presidents was on Wednesday closed over homosexual incidents....

    by - August 6, 2015


    SHOCKING: A nasty accident leaves a young girl dead, people are in tears

    Social media is awash with condolences of the late Ruthie Precious Bushaija who was killed in an accident. The details of...

    by - August 6, 2015

    kibuli sss

    Longest serving Kibuli SS cook resigns.

    It has been confirmed from the Kibuli Secondary School Notice Board that their longest cook called Rwakambugu George William popularly known...

    by - August 4, 2015