• Unbelievable: Katongole Omutongole Buys Off Sanyu Babies Home

    Remember when Mike Ezra wanted to buy off Leeds FC, well, that was history. Today, famous Radio Presenter, Katongole Omutongole has been confirmed as the new majority stakeholder at Sanyu Babies’ home. “When I was growing up, I wanted to...

    Anita Fabiola’s nudes were on her lost phone.

    The real reason social media could soon be awash with nude photos of the curvaceous Be My Date presenter Anita Fabiola is because of her smartphone. She allegedly lost her phone some time back which was full of explicit videos and pictures and she...

    Zari’s pregnancy not for Diamond, Co-wife alleges.

    News sipping in from the South Africa based Ugandan Sangoma and tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga, former husband to Zari Husein aka The Boss Lady, is that his recent catch only identified as Malkia claims to have alot of information about Zari since...

    I am not as horny as you think – Cindy.

    In a rare move, musician Cindy has come out to deny being as horny as the world takes her. While emphasizing the message in her Mundeke song released about five months ago, Cindy said that people think that she likes...



    7 Fun Ways To Have Exciting Sex

    One of the most unfair facts of life is that the length of your relationship and the intensity of your s*x...

    by - March 31, 2015


    5 Reasons Hairy Men Make Better Husbands (Says Science)

    Give us a furry chest or give us death. We yearn for the good ol’ days when hairy chests and full beards...

    by - March 31, 2015


    3 Types Of Women Who Don’t Care About Getting Married

    Not every woman is even looking for a relationship … let alone marriage and kids. Yes, there are still plenty of...

    by - March 31, 2015

    woman sad

    5 Reasons You Don’t Have A Man

    1. You’re loud, obnoxious and ghetto. These reasons are so obvious. At a certain point in a woman’s life, she should...

    by - March 31, 2015


    Uganda Rotaractors in Earth Initiative Campaign

    Rotaract Earth Initiative is an initiative engineered by Rotaractors in Uganda to address Climate Change, Food Insecurity and Primary Health Care....

    by - March 27, 2015


    Ugandans are the saddest people in Africa – Poll

    Kenyans are the second happiest people in Africa and position 33 worldwide, according to the Gallup Positive Experience Index. The happiness...

    by - March 24, 2015


    Here Comes PALCOHOL—World’s First Powdered Alcohol

    By Ian Ortega For those who have been bored with not being allowed to sneak your own drinks into bars or...

    by - March 18, 2015


    INDABA: Start planning your INDABA 2015 today with the Online Diary and Matchmaking System

    With fewer than 60 days to go, buyers and exhibitors are gearing up for INDABA 2015. Key to these success factors...

    by - March 17, 2015

    Richy Kaweesa1

    Song review: Richy Kaweesa’s Neera rendition takes the former to school

    By Nimusiima The Maisha Superstar contestant, Richy Kaweesa’s rendition of Neera makes you forget the original track done by Mowzey Radio....

    by - March 26, 2015


    Siste redefines the good old Jamal Wasswa

    By Nimusiima Jamal is the musical FIDA. He fights women’s wars, always showering females with praises. He bounced on the scene...

    by - March 25, 2015

    The Mith 2

    Music Review: Eh Mama by The Mith Ft. Maro

    By Nimusiima It looks like a katogo of lumonde, matooke, beans, peas, meat and posho, not so? I mean, no one...

    by - March 23, 2015


    Bobi Wine seeks for a Visa in Paradiso

    By Nimusiima Bobi Wine has always been branded ‘local’ by his arch nemesis, Bebe Cool. And his hordes of naysayers, of...

    by - March 17, 2015


    University League returns this month

    By James Robert Kayindi The fourth edition of the famous University league is set to return this month after its official launch...

    by - March 23, 2015

    Ian Kafuko

    NRM’s IAN KAFUKO Is The New Guild President of Kyambogo University (For the First Time In History)

    By Ian Ortega History was rewritten at Kyambogo University on 12th March when the Electoral Commision of Kyambogo University declared Ian...

    by - March 13, 2015

    FDC's Nsubuga Julius an aspirant for the Guild Presidency at Kyambogo University takes a stroll with some of his supporters.

    NRM TO FDC: “We Either Win Kyambogo Guild Race or You Lose!!!”

    By Our Reporter At Kyambogo University where the students will be voting for the next Guild President on 12th March this...

    by - March 11, 2015

    FDC's Nsubuga Julius an aspirant for the Guild Presidency at Kyambogo University takes a stroll with some of his supporters.

    BREAKING: Kyambogo NRM Student (Sekajja Moses) Stabs Another With Knife During Guild Campaigns

    By Our Reporter In the latest shocking news from Kyambogo, an NRM student, Sekajja Moses has been detained for allegedly stabbing...

    by - March 11, 2015