• Anita Fabiola’s ex-boyfriend hooks up Natie K

    By Lee Osbourne  The latest gossip reaching our desk indicates that Anita Fabiola’s ex-boyfriend Mo Red Mayanja is secretly seeing Meddie Ssentongo’s ex-girlfriend Hipscious Natie K. After learning of Meddie’s undying love for Fabiola, Natie promised to pay back Fabiola by hooking...

    Anne Kansiime’s show sells out ahead of tonight’s performance in Zambia.

    By Lee Osbourne Just a few hours to her massive show tonight, good news reaching our desk indicates that comedian Anne Kansiime has already registered a sold out show. Johnson Mujungu, Kansiime’s manager has just confirmed that tickets to her...

    BBA Hotshot Ellah denies bleaching her skin.

    By Lee Osbourne Former Miss Uganda and Ex-Big Brother housemate Stella Nantumwe aka Ellah has come out to slam bleaching accusations. The beauty queen was accused of allegedly using skin lightening creams to enhance her skin colour something she has denied...

    Katsha Exposed: “He is a masquerader and attention seeker who poses with other people’s property”. [Photos]

    Katsha has been exposed as a masquerader and wannabe tycoon who poses with other people’s property to get attention. This comes after the South Africa based Ugandan businessman recently posted photos of his supposed new mansion on social media. He...



    9 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Female Masturbation

    It has been discovered that women seem  to masturbate more than men… See these 9 shocking facts: About 92 percent of women...

    by - July 31, 2015


    6 Interesting Ways S*x Affects Your Brain

    Do you know that your brain is a s*x organ, interacting with your actual genitals and other erogenous zones to give...

    by - July 31, 2015

    couple kiss

    6 Kissing Mistakes You Should Avoid

    You can tell a lot from a single kiss. Kissing can be passionate, send sparks and even burn calories, but a...

    by - July 31, 2015


    Woman Files For Divorce Over Husband’s Huge Manhood

    A Nigerian woman filed for divorce from her husband because his manhood was too big, according to media reports. Aisha Dannupawa,...

    by - July 31, 2015


    Pastor loses 200 million to Fraudsters.

    By BigEyeUg Team Ugandan Pastors make a lot of money from their congregations to help build the kingdom of God on...

    by - July 30, 2015

    SAT Regional Director for Africa Ms. Evelyn Mahlaba welcoming Uganda Toursit Board Executive director Peter Assiimwe to Tour Agents Exbhition in Kampala.

    The INDABA Concept; what can Uganda learn from South Africa to improve its domestic Tourism?

    By Jackson Oboth South Africa’s INDABA, concluded in May was no doubt Africa’s Top Travel Show that enjoyed great participation from 20...

    by - July 29, 2015


    Superfoods For A Flat Belly

    A lot of us take a critical look at our bodies every time we take off our clothes, we scrutinize every...

    by - July 24, 2015

    casual sex

    Teen Blackmailed Mother into Having Sex with Him

    Police in Pennsylvania say a teen blackmailed his mother into having sex with him. Details around this case are stark, but around...

    by - July 23, 2015

    radio - weasel

    Radio & Weasel’s “Juicy” is, indeed, juicy

    When the audio came through, it started off on a low key, like a tsunami in the ocean, but it picked...

    by - July 15, 2015


    Bebe Cool has finally got it with great videos, ‘Byebyo’ tells it all

    Truth is, Bebe Cool’s videos were amateurish for a longtime he has been in the industry. The audios were great, but...

    by - July 2, 2015

    juliana 1

    Juliana Kanyomozi slowly coming back to her best in ‘Kalibatanya’

    Admittedly, Juliana has fallen off the shelf a few months ago. I struggle to remember when she last had a popular...

    by - June 25, 2015

    Jackie Chandiru

    Music Review: Wotuuse – Jackie Chandiru

    She has been in the news for her wedding to a dutch pensioner. Before all that brouhaha, she had grown silent....

    by - May 16, 2015


    Who Killed Desire? Frank Gashumba shares some clues.

    Frank Gashumba shares insights on how the murder of a one Desire Mirembe was allegedly orchestrated by her supposed lover. Desire,...

    by - July 30, 2015

    bryan 1

    Photos: Meet Brian Rukundo, the Student Who Was Murdered By A Sudanese Classmate

    By Our Reporter This week started off normally, a Sudanese student had been suspended from St. Michael SSS, Ssonde while the...

    by - July 23, 2015

    knife bloody

    Shocking: Sudanese student stabs fellow student to death

     By Seguya Musa  Police is investigating a South Sudanese student who stabbed a fellow student and head boy of St. Michael...

    by - July 22, 2015


    Makerere University student hangs himself over unemployment.

    By BigEyeUg Team A former Makerere University student has committed suicide over unemployment. Residents of Bulo in Butambala district were left...

    by - July 15, 2015