• Team No Sleep Could Collapse Soon

    By Lee Osbourne Team No Sleep is now standing and surviving on only two artistes something that may lead to the collapse of the group of more than five people. Pallaso and Sheebah are the only artistes earning dimes for...

    VIDEO: How Sheilah Gashumba Became the Star She is Now

    Sheilah Gashumba takes you on a journey through her TV career and how she has grown to be the star that she is today in a mini documentary. Watch it below:

    Bebe Cool and Chameleone’s manager clash.

    By Stuart G-khast There was a clash this morning between Bebe Cool and Chameleone’s manager known as Robert Nkuuke after Bebe Cool said he does not perform abroad occasionally because those who do are paid peanuts. He was explaining why...

    Juliana Kanyomozi showered with praises for her new ‘Something of My Life’ song.

    Following a song that they worked on with Juliana Kanyomozi in memory of her son Keron (RIP), the Ganda boys have showered the Ugandan music diva with praises. The music group said that they cannot get enough of their new...




    9 Facts You Need To Know About Having S-x On The Beach

    Be ready to meet with difficulties, guys and gals. Sex on the beach is very romantic. It fills you with strong...

    by - October 25, 2014


    5 Myths About Cheating

    You can hardly find a person who is not afraid of cheating. Once it happened to you, it becomes impossible to...

    by - October 25, 2014

    woman massage

    5 Things Women Are Always Hiding From Men

    Results of the survey conducted on a social media website, asking both single and committed women what they are hiding from...

    by - October 25, 2014


    Here Are Foods To Avoid If You want To Have Children

    Infertility is a widespread problem and for about one in five infertile couples the problem lies solely in the male partner...

    by - October 25, 2014


    Here Are Foods To Avoid If You want To Have Children

    Infertility is a widespread problem and for about one in five infertile couples the problem lies solely in the male partner...

    by - October 25, 2014


    VIDEO: Fan Cries When She Wakes Up After Surgery And Wasn’t Nicki Minaj

    When plastic surgery goes wrong? Well, this young girl’s dream was deflated when she realized she looked nothing like Nicki Minaj...

    by - October 25, 2014

    cakes 2

    WORDY CAKES: How a Young Ugandan Man Is Inspiring Others ONE CAKE At A Time

    By Ian Ortega Paul Kisakye is a young man I met during my travails at the World of Inspiration’s famous monthly...

    by - October 23, 2014


    Conman Pretends To Be in a Coma For 2 Years To Avoid Court

    A British man pleaded guilty this week to stealing 40,000 pounds from an elderly neighbor and pretending to be in a...

    by - October 23, 2014

    Lary Chary

    Music Video Review: Olee Uganda by Lary Chary

    In Uganda, the pearl of Africa, we, unequivocally, might be stuck with social, economic and political pitfalls, limping economy, sky-rocketing prices,...

    by - October 24, 2014


    Music Video Review: Ryomboka by Daxx Kartel

    Much as Daxx Kartel sings in an alien, unusual style, his videos always carry themselves with wit. The lad who confessed...

    by - October 20, 2014


    Music Video Review: Something About You by Navio

    There is something about Navio’s videos. They are artistic, eye-candy and flawless with sprinkles of creativity in them. Among other things,...

    by - October 15, 2014


    Music Video Review: Wale Wale by Jose Chameleone

    2014 will go down in history as the year of good videos. It has rained videos this year and, as it...

    by - October 14, 2014


    PHOTOS: Ziza Bafana on Cloud 9 after bargaining for Second Hand laptop.

    Local musician, Richard Kasendwa alias Ziza Bafana of the “Pomini” fame couldn’t hide his joy after he bought a second hand...

    by - October 3, 2014


    Baryamureeba Honoured With A Lifetime Award in Cameroon

    Prof. V. Baryamureeba has been awarded with the Lifetime Award at the 6th Annual ICT for Africa Conference in Yaounde Cameroon....

    by - October 3, 2014


    AK47 to beseech his brother Jose Chameleone to take him back.

    Leone Island break away artiste, and brother to Jose Chameleone, AK47 also known as Akay could be well on his way...

    by - October 1, 2014


    Have Beautiful Girls In Makerere University Become Extinct?

    By Ian Ortega Everything is becoming extinct in the world, first, the real masculine men became extinct, and we got metro-sexual...

    by - September 30, 2014