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‘Zarinah Tlale’ awarded the Official Ambassador of Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent 2013



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Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent Organization(MAPW), today announced ‘Zarinah Tlale’, known as ‘Boss Lady’, one of Africa´s youngest and most celebrated business leaders awarded the official ambassador and mentor of Miss Asia Pacific World 2013.

Zarinah Tlale, South Africa-based African singer , a mixed-race descendant of Indian, an epitome of beauty, well mannered and a self-assured, very successful business princess. These are the simple words one might use to describe Zarinah.

She says, ‘Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent is to discover future global film stars, models, talents, spoken women and singers from all over the world, the pageant is really working towards making the winner a global star as opposed to just another beauty queen. It is an idea to focus on quality versus just quantity, and I am pleased to be part of the key leadership team to its next original production to be held in October 30, 2013, Seoul, South Korea.

‘Diana Starskova’, a former winner of MAPW, was invited t o the Cannes International Film Festival and now working for the appearance in ‘Benazir Bhutto’, the movie on the first Islamic female leader’s life story. This movie will be presented in the Oscar and the Emmy’s in 2014.

The pageant formerly known as ‘Asia’, ‘Pacific’, ‘Australasia’ since the 1960s that combines a beauty pageant, talent and a supermodel search into one event is a super talent endeavour for discovering global stars such as film stars, top icon models, spokeswoman and pop singers from around the world, to debut quickly.

The MAPW Network -over 20,000 beauty queens around the world with offices in 80 countries. The Super talent adaptation of the mega hit yearly series will be broadcasted by Facebook TV channel, the world’s first event, shown to millions around the world that will give the pageant a global platform to create the biggest ever competition with applicants from around the world and viewers voting, the pageant will cooperate with world’s leading entertainment magazine, and the final will be Victoria Secret concept ‘Super Angel’ show.”

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