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Zari goes political again, begs government to lift the lockdown



By BigEyeUg Team

The pace at which Ugandan South African-based businesswoman, Zari Hassan is muscling her hand into current affairs and politics, is strange.

It’s already a week off but the mother of five is cruising with an open mind stressing about issues that are affecting people in her home country, dumping her renowned socialite life.

This is drawing suggestions into people’s minds that the South Africa based Ugandan could be eyeing a political seat back home.

After splashing mud at People Power political movement supporters, Zari has now embarked on pleading to the government to lift the four months COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown.

As usual, the socialite took it to her social media and humbly requested the government to let boda bodas operate like they did before the lockdown as this would lower the crime rate in the country.

Zari Hassan

She also said it would be better if saloons and its related minor activities were allowed to reopen because of the lower income status viable to its beneficiaries for daily sustaining of their families.

Zari took time to bear thought about the currently stack businesses in the closed arcades, leading to commodities expiry despite the accumulating rent debts in favor of the landlords.

The CEO ‘Brooklyn schools’ also advised government to revise the curfew hours for the well-being of its citizens.

An aerial view of Kampala City at night

Read Zari’s statement;

Plea to the Ugandan Government

It’s a humble request to lift the lockdown. Let bodas operate, the crime rate will rise with no income. Let saloons operate, aba saloon ne cutex bafuna mele yalelo. Reopen arcades, business people emali zabwe zitude, landlords babanja almost 4 months. Just to mention a few. Let curfew hours be revised as well. It’s a humble request Thank you in advance.

We will keep you posted.

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