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You are now broke, you need to bow down – Bad Black to Bryan White



By BigEyeUg Team

Kampala City socialite Bad Black has made a U-turn in issues related to Bryan White’s illness and her intention to render a hand towards the tycoon’s healing.

This is after Bryan disapproved her new campaign of fundraising for his lofty medical bills from friends, fans and family.

On Wednesday, ailing Bryan through his caretaker a one, Elvis downplayed Bad Black and MC Richie’s call to raise money to cater for his medication.

Bad Black has since turned rowdy on social media, exposing Bryan White’s empty pockets and dire condition in revenge for his disrespect to her.

You are so broke now, you don’t need to pretend Bryan. You don’t pray to be rich. You are a hypocrite and a user who just wants to trend using my brand,” said Black.

After requesting me to raise money for your medical bills from friends, you have now turning against the agreement making me a victim and a fool,” she added.

Bad Black together with APass, Alex Muhangi are jotted on list of celebrities who have already paid a visit to their friend, Bryan White, consoling him in the miserable state.

Bryan White was earlier this month discharged from Nakasero hospital after doctors failing to rightfully locate his illness.

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