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Bryan White doesn’t need any fundraising, he is just ill – Caretaker



By BigEyeUg Team

Mogul Bryan White is not in need of any financial assistance as we may have thought or as socialite Bad Black suggested earlier this week.

This pops after a statement released on Wednesday evening, on the tycoon’s socials by a one Elvis, ill Bryan’s caretaker refuting the circulating rumors that he is in need of an emergency fundraising campaign to foot his medical bills.

According to Elvis, he was bothered on watching Bad Black and MC Richie’s live video session as they called cheered Bryan’s friends, family, fans and well wishers to collectively raise funds for his thrilling medication and well-being.

This immediately prompted him to clarify on the reality regarding Bryan’s current condition before he would wake up to such false information published by Bad Black.

Elvis says, Bryan doesn’t need any financial assistance as he is comfortably taking care of his bills.

He also affirms that the slim-pencil tycoon is not broke as claimed by Bad Black, and was discharged on his first choice to wait on his samples’ results from home and on sighting better safety at his home.

Read the full statement;

Hello, My name is Elvis Bryan’s care taker at the moment and also a son, I have been watching MC Richie’s live with Bad black and I wanted to clarify some issues that have been addressed and I wouldn’t want my boss to wake up to that information. First and foremost

1. Bryan doesn’t need any financial assistance he is very ok and his taking care of his bills, rather he needs just prayers🙏🏿

2. He is not broke, he left the hospital as he waits on his results and for the sake of his safety.

3. He doesn’t need to go to IHK, he is waiting on results from UK. He is home for treatment willingly!!!!

4. If he were broke he has a lot of property to sell but he is not broke.

We appreciate each and everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers but we will not take any financial support as it has been stated, he is very ok supporting himself.

We shall have to clarify those issues to Black as well coz I know she meant well but i I had to make sure I straighten this up before it’s misunderstood by the public

The issues he wants to discuss with the President are personal and based on their working relationship.

Let’s keep him in our prayers that’s all he wants and appreciates all those that were willing to help.

Bad Black is recalled to have visited Bryan White earlier this week and she was greatly deprived on his illness status.

At the same moment, she called upon Bryan’s allies and government to instantly embrace his requests for better medication services.

We wish him a quick recovery!

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