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What did you celebrate this women’s day? Was it your mother, your strength, your mentors, sisters, female workmates or your daughters?



By Sandra Musimenta

This will go down as my best women’s day celebration ever. One, because I officially launched my baby, “Maama Sandy’s kitchen” and two, most importantly I got so much advice plus knowledge from humble yet highly profiled ladies in society. Like Shamim from icandy decor, Madam Sarah Ntale from Sarah cakes, Jamila Mayanja from Smart girls foundation and so many others who shared their personal stories in relation to life skills, womanhood and entrepreneurship.

For a long time, we as women have been our biggest enemies. And then along came social media which gave us a platform to rip each other apart at every given opportunity. We feed it with all sorts of gossip and trash, then we expect men to treat us better.

We use our different talents to spread hate speech, be chaotic and de-fame each other. As a mother, sister, daughter and friend, I was saddened by all this but it even broke my heart more that we are raising a generation that is curiously looking at us and taking notes. Tell me how we are going to teach them to be or do better?

So pardon me when I burst with joy at the sight of women applauding each other, advising each other, praying together and building a beautiful bridge on which our children will have to cross.

We have failed countless times, our marriages have gone down the drain, society has been cruel to us, the world has judged us enough for our mistakes.

It’s time we courageously get up with the little strength we have left and re-draw the picture we have put out there.

Let us be our own cheer leaders, share ideas, forgive each other and stretch out to celebrate one another at every milestone we achieve.

“There’s a Wonder Woman inside every one of us,” Let’s unleash her this year — to better support one another.

Thank you Colos wellness Spa for giving us a venue and pampering us with spa treatments this women’s day.

I wish to see more of such events not only on women’s day but on regular days too!

“It’s possible to climb to the top without stomping on each other.”  – Taylor Swift

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