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West Nile Artistes Unite To Fundraise For Jackie Chandiru



West Nile artistes have  started campaign to save Jackie Chandiru

West Nile artistes have started a campaign to save Jackie Chandiru

Probably the biggest music talent out of West Nile, Jackie Chandiru has not been forgotten by sons of the soil as she battles her drug addiction demons.

It is such a wonderful thing for a company to give back to the community.  Arua One Fm, together with a group of Arua music artistes, seems to be the first company to show this responsibility as a way to support their illustrious sister – Jackie Chandiru who has been one of the region’s celebrity icon on the national and international platform.

A team of West Nile artistes met the management of Arua One Fm yesterday. Together, they are planning to organize several charity concerts, charity run and car/motor bike washing to raise money for saving Jackie Chandiru’s life.

“This is what we call solidarity. We are standing for her because she is a daughter of the soil, she took and represented WEST NILE music to greater heights and right now because of her conditions she really needs us. The official hash tag is #SaveJackieChandiru. We are asking the entire WEST NILE community to stand by us, support us the artists as we fundraise for Jackie’s life,” an insider source commented on the #SaveJackieChandiru campaign.

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