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“We didn’t pay Ronald Mayinja to make the song”—Kasule Lumumba.



By BigEyeUg Writer The NRM Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba has welcomed Miyinja’s latest tune, ‘Mzee Akalulu’ and rubbished allegations that they paid him money.Speaking on Sunday (November 1, 2020) at the party’s weekly press briefing, she revealed that no body should claim that the Mayinja was paid to release a campaign song for Museveni.

“We welcome Ronald Mayinja home and we thank God that he was able to get a gift for the president. I want to make it clear that we did not pay him any money it was out of his own will. I call upon Ugandans to be like Ronald Mayinja. She noted

Kasule further stressed that it is a sensational hit song that will boost the mobilization for President Museveni.She added that Mayinja has been invited to sing the song for the guests on Monday, during the launch of the NRM manifesto.

Mayinja’s song has stirred controversy with some people within opposition circles criticising him for abandoning NUP for NRM

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