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Vivo Energy Uganda Test Staff Preparedness In Case Of Fire



Vivo Energy, the company that distributes and markets Shell branded fuels and lubricants in 16 African countries conducted a fire drill to test the response preparedness by staff at Shell Service Stations in case of a fire outbreak. The drill was conducted at Shell Kira Road located at the Bukoto white flats.

Although not a common occurrence, fuel stations face a high risk of fire outbreak in their operation if necessary precautions are not in place. It is therefore critical for companies to conduct drills that will expose any existing gaps in response to fires.

fire drill

In 2011, fire gutted a fuel station in Arua, critically injuring three people and destroying property worth millions of shillings. The incident occurred after an attendant accidentally switched on the fuel pump causing petrol to gush out and break into huge flames. Incidents of this nature can occur if staff at fuel stations do not have the requisite training in how to handle this highly flammable product.

Speaking during the drill at Shell Kiira Road in Bukoto, Kampala, the Managing Director Vivo Energy Uganda, Mr Hans Paulsen, highlighted the need to proactively prepare to respond appropriately to fire accidents and indicated that the company has put in place the measures required to respond appropriately to fire accidents.

“Vivo Energy is committed to maintaining the very highest safety standards and accords full priority to the safety of customers at fuelling points and the general public, with maximum consideration and attention to the basic rules of not smoking around fuelling points, not using a mobile phone while fuelling, disembarking motorcycles to fuel and switching off vehicles engines while fuelling.

“We strive to be proactive in all our operations in order to achieve our target of goal zero – that is zero harm to all our people, assets and environment in all our operations.”  He added.

The incident that attracted members of the public received much appreciation and was acknowledged as commendable, leaving onlookers recommending that all company’s must emulate Vivo Energy Uganda by addressing their safety policies and standardsto ensure that they put in place measures required to respond appropriately to fire accidents.

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