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Vinka releases new video promoting responsible drinking



Vinka premieres Red Card video at Fame Lounge

By Our Reporter

Musician Vinka has released a brand new video. Dubbed “Red Card”, it was premiered on Monday evening at Fame Lounge and is aimed at promoting responsible drinking.

While performing during the premiere event, Vinka told revelers it is okay to have fun and celebrate life by consuming alcohol as long as they make responsible drinking decisions.

“Don’t drink and drive. Live is very precious!” She cautioned.

Vinka is the ambassador for the Red Card campaign, an initiative by Uganda Breweries Limited aimed at reminding alcohol consumers and music lovers to shun drink driving, an irresponsible act that could cause harm to their lives.

Revelers enjoy themselves as Vinka premiered Red Card video at Fame Lounge

Speaking during the premier, UBL Public Policy and Sustainability Manager David Onyango said Uganda Breweries decided to use music to amplify the responsible drinking message and reach consumers in their favorite hangout spots where the consumption happens.

“Enjoying alcohol is part of life in many societies around the world. It is a part of how people socialize and celebrate. However just like other products, when misused, alcohol can lead to individual and social harm. As a responsible company, UBL we would like to see consumers of our products make responsible drinking a valued and enjoyable part of life.” He said.

Uganda Breweries Limited has for the last 7 years been running the Red Card campaign to inform, sensitize and engage consumers about the dangers of alcohol misuse.

Watch the “Red Card” video below.

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