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Video: Why Anne Kansiime Is the Next Lupita Nyong’o



Truth be told, if you can make it in Kenya, you can make it anywhere in Africa. When you are celebrated in Kenya, you find the journey to the top in Africa smoother. Forget Uganda where talent is not appreciated both socially and financially.

Perhaps for now, we deserve to end up loosing our best of the best to Kenya. A prophet is never accepted fully in his homeland. Anne Kansiime is that comical prophetess who did not get paid the worth of her talent and the best for her now has come. She’s just crossed over to Citizen TV Kenya, rated the best station in Kenya and we can predict, she’s the next Lupita Nyong’o.

So grace yourself Anne Kansiime when you make it, for many will come and try to claim responsibility for your success. They come around to take part in the results even when they were absent during the struggle.

Check out the intro advertisement for her new show; Don’t Mess with Kansiime.

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