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Video: Australian based South Sudanese Achol Atem drops Sawa Sawa video



South Sudanses artistes continue effort to unite their people through art. Achol Atem based in Australia has released her latest video Sawa Sawa to preach the gospel of unity.

Sawa Sawa is a song dedicated and celebrating 9th July and South Sudanese people know they are all one people.

Achol Atem is a south Sudanese Afro artiste based in Melbourne Australia who started music since 2011. But she took a break because she is a mother and wife and now she’s back with a hit song Sawa Sawa.

She is also a fashion designer and CEO of Achol Atem art and Fashion designer, and she works with city council who supports her fashion shows and designer.

About Achol Atem

Achol Atem was born in Malakal in South Sudan and started sing in 2011, her music style is a fusion of South Sudanese Afro, Congolese Afro, zouk, also inspired by Arabic sweet Melodies from north Sudan.

She said she started singing because music is a therapy, it help heal and bring people together. Most specially it pass a message of peace to the people and singing is part of the culture in South Sudan.

Legendary Sudanese artists like Nyankol Mathiang, Mohammed Wardi and Emmanuel Kembe were Achol biggest inspiration to started making music as they preach about peace and unity through tour civil war in South Sudan.

Achol album is coming out in December 2022.

Watch Sawa Sawa here

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