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The worst transfers of “Roma”: Clément Grenier



By Staff Writer

There have been many strange signings in Roma’s history. However, they have not always been reflected in the results of the club. And if you are interested in football matches tomorrow with this team, then look for them on the sports statistics website.

Highlighting the strangest signings of the club of Rome, it is impossible to pass by the figure of Clément Grenier. He joined the team in January 2017, having moved from “Lyon” on loan. 

Of course, “Roma” needed a player who is ready to diversify the attack. But Grenier could hardly be considered as such. He did not always shine at “Lyon”. By the way, the football matches of this team, which will be held tomorrow, are also covered on a proven platform. 

All the fears of skeptics regarding the transfer of Grenier proved to be true. The player spent only six games for the team in Serie A. In the first game he was effective with an assist against “Palermo”, which was a complete outsider. The midfielder did not have any more productive actions.

As a result, in summer 2017 he left the ranks of the team, without making a significant mark in its history. Many are still wondering why “Roma” needed this player at all.

Reasons for Grenier’s poor performance

Grenier was not a bad midfielder by the standards of the French championship, but even there he did not always show his class. At “Roma”, he was not ready for the new pressures. The soccer player needed time to adapt and acclimatize, and he didn`t have it. If you are now following the matches of the “The Yellow and Reds”, the football results today will always be waiting for you on the sports statistics website. 

As for Grenier and his failure, the main reasons for this performance can be:

  1. The more closed style of the Italian championship. Here the midfielder did not have much time to make decisions. As a result, he often made mistakes, committed misfires.
  2. Lack of understanding with partners. This also led to inaccurate actions on the field by the Frenchman. His passes did not help the Wolves’ attacks.
  3. Psychological insecurity. It quickly became clear that “Roma” could do without this midfielder. As a result, it had a negative impact on the player’s confidence in his abilities. Although he occasionally came out on the field, but did not demonstrate his best abilities.

Thus, the departure of Clement from “Roma” was the only logical decision. And if you follow the football results of the team today, then you should definitely go to a proven platform. Here you will find the outcomes of confrontations that take place in Serie A, as well as in other tournaments. The schedule of matches of the Roman club is now quite tight, but now no meeting will pass you by. 

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