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Video alert: Alex Muhangi singing passion evolves as he invests heavily in new release “Bamuleke”



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By Reporter

Comedian, sound engineer and now turned singer Alex Muhangi has released his second ever singing video titled Bamuleke. Alex in Bamuleke like many before him preaches love.

Earlier this year, Muhangi embarked on a serious singing career which was a shock to many considering he was already a successful public figure courtesy of his comedy venture Comedy store. However, According to Alex his developing singing career is purely out of love for singing rather than to make a living. “I sing because I love it. I am not looking for a way out of anything. Its is purely passion”. His Bamuleke release which is less than a day old has already collected close to 10,000 views, a sure sign he is being received in the music arena quite warmly. The new song has been received amidst mixed reaction but many commend it to be a good song from a starting singer.

Bamuleke was produced by one of the best producers of this time Daddy Andre and video shot by Sasha Vybes, a clear sign he invested quite a fortune to produce it.

Alex Muhangi has previously done songs like Olukwe, Entogo and now Bamuleke.

Watch Bamuleke here

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