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Use Covid-19 Lockdown to Read the 10 Point Program- by Charles N. Lambert



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By Charles.N.Lambert

If you want to hide something from a black man, put it in writing” is a common widely accepted Western theory that unfortunately holds water among most of our population. “I want you to explain it to me” are the common words we hear from 90% of our black African investors in almost every interaction after any written communication. We buy drugs and don’t read the content, we eat food and have no idea its nutrient implications and we take actions totally ignorant of the law or its consequences. We seem to be the actual literal definition of the word- Dumb!

Something bigger than oil is showing up in Uganda yet very few in Uganda are aware or paying any attention to it simply because it has NOT yet been announced by the government. The government that tirelessly works to hear from the private sector painfully discovers year after year that the private sector is rather waiting to hear from the government. Uganda is a story of a people who have never understood the ideals of their government.  If only they read the 10 point program, If only they understood the unshakeable ideals of President Museveni, if only they truly followed and knew the final result of Pan Africanism the country has held as an ideal for decades.

A young radical, highly intellectual and very opinionated leader of men have just taken over a small East African country of little or no relevance to the entire African population so why did most of his 10 Point Program talk about Africa instead of just Uganda. Who becomes so passionately engrossed in educating ideals and values to illiterate, blood thirsty and rival focused inhabitants of a black nation synonymous with nothing else but wars and killings? Why did the natural diplomat pursue the principles of privatization to the point of arming his enemies with attack tools? Why it is so difficult to factually accuse Museveni of embezzlement of resources yet Ugandans are so poor? What is not adding up? The Answers are in the 10 point Program.

The 10 Point Program indicates in every sense that Uganda under the leadership of the ideals of M7 will be the home of the African, the black man, the dark skinned oppressed people of the world- the HOME OF RESISTANCE. This he has tried to do through government programs which mostly brought the refuges. The other types of black people are now about to come too, those which are NOT refugees. The 10 Point program stipulates that the government play very little or no role in economic development and service provision to the people giving over 90% powers to the private sector. The black owned corporations that will enjoy this policy are now about to come to Uganda.

The Black Wall Street is a movement that began in Uganda in November 2017 dubbed “The Second Mustard Seed” as at then, through the sales of the world’s very first investment by product purchase initiative also known as Tablets and Dollars or the Uganda Poverty Alleviation Program (UPAP). This little known UPAP will after documented Series by CNBC and Economist PROVING access to dividends from computer tablet purchase will become available to all Black people all over the world at a devalued rate of $100 per slot PER YEAR. This will lead to sales of 40 million mobile phones made in Uganda and an immediate $8 billion dollars into the Uganda economy with $600 million dollars distributed for cash out to 7,000 Ugandan families with UPAP slots in what is anticipated as the “Cash Out” by thousands of Ugandans.

The Black Wall Street which is the engine of AI powered industrialization of the African continent will make Uganda the destination for Capital and AI Consulting services to all of Africa leading to the status of the Economic Capital of Africa. The Black Wall Street will bring thousands of multimillion dollars and billionaire black personalities to invest in Uganda. On a side note, the Black Wall Street Community will have “The World’s Longest Bar” in the world right in Uganda as one of the greatest tourist spots on earth (cheers to tugende tunywemu).

In more than 10 different ways, the 10 point program prophesied, prepared and secured Uganda FOR the Black Wall Street. The Black Wall Street will crown the liberation war, justify it, empower Ugandans economically, honour M7 and foster his legacy forever. The Black Wall Street will be the PRIDE OF UGANDA.

The Black Wall Street Community is to be built at the lake shores in Uganda SIGNIFICANTLY comprising of 11 of the tallest buildings in Africa.

The Black Wall Street has divided Africa into 600 Regional Points with each represented on ground by the Artificial Intelligence Powered Development Centers otherwise known as M7 Agriculture Bank. These Development Centers will stamp the leadership authority of the Black Wall Street in Africa. Link to the full 10 Point Program Document http://www.austria-uganda.at/dokumente/Ten-Point%20Programme.pdf

The Black Wall Street signature AI powered 4th Industrial Revolution for Africa will establish 1,000 factories and supporting living communities per factory in Uganda across all districts beginning August 2020.

Charles N. Lambert was born in Nigeria, became a British Citizen in the UK, lived a decade in the US, married to a Kenyan BUT made Uganda his home country in November 2017. Charles N. Lambert visited a city in the United States of America known as Tulsa Oklahoma in December 2002 for a different reason BUT strayed to the region known as North Tulsa, (a current ghetto) where he learnt the history of the violent destruction of the very first Black Wall Street by envious whites. Lambert designed Development Channel 25 companies and UPAP as a foundation to recreate the Black Wall Street but this time, on a SECURED BLACK NATION-Uganda. BWS has been strategically positioned to relocate over 100,000 African Americans from the US to Uganda with 3 million more visiting each year.


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