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Uganda’s Little Hands go Green in Moroto for World Environment Day Celebrations



Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green

By Our Reporter

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Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green team together with National Environment Management Authority Management (NEMA) are in Moroto to celebrate this year’s World Environment Day.

To be hosted at Naitakwae Grounds in Moroto district, this year’s celebration is running under the theme “Fight Air Pollution to Protect Human Health and Environment”.

Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green whose major aim is to see that every child in Uganda plants and owns a fruit tree visited Nkokonjeru Primary school in Mbale on their way to Moroto. The team inspected the fruit tree that they  had previously planted at the school  and were pleased that the fruit tree has grown and is being take good care of.

Meanwhile, the World Environment Day celebrations will include several activities such as; recording a documentary in line with this year’s theme, production of different IEC materials, and tree planting & restoration among others.

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Excitement as 5on5 Charity games return



By Jonah Kirabo

16 teams will be going for glory and several other revealers will be going for fun and entertainment when the 5 on 5 charity games make a return in a much bigger venue at Kabira Country Club on July 7th, 2019.

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Hosted by a youth led charity organisation called Draw A Smile Uganda, the games will include a five aside football set up among other games such as dodge ball (kwepena), board games, video games, yoga among others.

According to former WBS TV personality Sasha Ferguson who doubles as the founder of Draw A Smile Uganda, the games are targeting youths and corporate firms to have fun while networking and contributing to charity.

She says that all the proceeds collected from the 5 on 5 games will go towards facilitating their menstrual hygiene teaching campaign called #LetsTalkPeriods where they intend to teach over 2000 girls in Jinja on the dangers of poor menstrual hygiene and also teach them on how to make reusable sanitary towels.

“We started the 5 on 5 games last year as a way of fundraising for our charity campaigns. We found out that this is a better way of making everyone to participate in our charity drives since people can have fun, network and yet contributing to charity,” She said.

Sixteen teams will vie for the 5on5 football tournament and each team has to register with the organisation with Ugshs 150,000. While those that want to participate in other games like kwepena, video games, boards and others will only pay Ugshs. 5,000 at the entrance.

She says that there will be lots of cash prizes to be won including a fully paid trip to Jinja courtesy of the games sponsors; Smile Tours and Travel.

Interested teams can contact Draw A Smile Uganda via WhatsApp or Call on either 0788837279 OR 0701418288 to register their teams. Only 16 team slots are available for the football.

Last year, the games were held at Ntinda School of the deaf and all the proceeds went towards buying education material for children with hearing impairments at the school.

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To Say That Uganda Is Transporting Crude Oil by Trucks is the Peak of Ignorance



By Elison Karuhanga

I have read a number of allegations that the oil companies and the government are secretly dealing in Uganda’s oil. The allegation is that trucks/trailers are being used to export our oil as the common man waits for production to start.

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I can say without fear of contradiction that this particular allegation is untrue, false and utterly ridiculous. It is sad that the allegation is coming from minds capable of better things. I hope in this simple piece to demonstrate this as clearly as possible. Let us start by agreeing on the basic facts.

Oil companies like TOTAL and CNOOC are businesses. They are mainly here to make a profit. They will make the profit by producing and selling oil. They hope, like all businesses to make sure that when they sell the oil they will get enough money to meet their costs and have money left over-this is called profit. So, let us agree that their motive is not hidden. Their motive is profit.

The second fact we can agree on is that the oil is mainly got from underground. When it comes out of the ground it is in its “raw form”. This “raw form” is what we call crude oil.

Would oil companies make profit if they secretly put the crude oil in trailers and drove it to Mombasa? The answer is no. In fact it would be one of the worst business decisions ever taken in the history of business.

How is oil transported?

Crude oil is mainly transported across borders and over long distances by pipelines. The reason why Uganda plans to build a pipeline is not because pipelines are fashionable and not because we lack trucks. It is because the pipeline is the most cost effective way to transport crude oil. Uganda’s oil will be transported to Tanga in Tanzania. From Hoima to Tanga is about 1,455 km. From Hoima to Mombasa is around 1,375 km. The cost of transportation in the pipeline ranges between US$ 12.2 to US$ 15 per barrel. For the sake of argument we shall assume Uganda will pay a tariff of US$ 20 per barrel and not 12 dollars. That is about 70,000 shillings. A barrel of oil is equivalent to 159 liters. Therefore to transport cargo of 159 liters of oil in the pipeline for a distance of 1,455 km it would cost UGX 70,000.

If an oil company decided instead to use a truck how much would it cost? Let us ignore the risks associated with road transport, the cost of repair, the cost of the drivers etc and just look at the cost of fuel in the oil tanker.

The average cost of fuel in the tanker from Mombasa to Hoima and back to Mombasa would be in the region of UGX 5,000,000. The cost of road transport for crude oil is therefore seventy one times more expensive than the cost of transport in a pipeline. Why would even a terrible businessman go for the road transport route?

Not only is road transport more expensive it also completely wipes out any chance of profit for the oil company. Remember the oil tanker/trailer is carrying crude oil. The product which is going to be sold is crude oil. The cost of 1 barrel of crude oil is around US$ 59 (Uganda Shillings 218,300). So why would anyone transport cargo worth UGX 218,300 at a cost of UGX 5,000,000? Even a bad business cannot make such a decision.

As a simple issue of cost there is no benefit, not even a remote one from transporting oil by road to Mombasa or Tanga.

Cost is not the only issue. Using trucks to carry crude oil from Hoima would be a logistical nightmare. Many books have been written explaining this very point. Valcalv Smith in his book “Oil: A Beginners Guide” said, “replacing a 1000 km pipeline carrying 20,000 tons of oil a day with tanker trucks (assuming each truck holds 25tons and covers 1,000 km a day) would need a fleet of 1,600 vehicles with a load arriving every 54 seconds.” In our case the coast is 1,455 km away. We would probably need 2,000 trucks to transport Ugandan oil.

It is also worth noting that trucks of a certain weight are not allowed on the road. Long distance travelers in Uganda will have noticed at different points these things manned by UNRA called weigh bridges. The weigh bridge measures the weight of the truck. In this case the 2000 heavy trucks arriving in Hoima every 54 seconds (at all hours of the day) would not last a month since they would simply make a large chunk of the road network impassable.

When the crude oil will eventually be pumped out, it will first be taken to what is called a Central Processing Facility. Here the oil will be separated from other impurities like mud, stones etc. Only crude oil will go to the pipeline. Once in the pipeline it will be heated because Uganda has waxy crude oil that needs heating. So these trucks are they taking Crude Oil, mud, water, stones etc? Or are these trucks fitted with mini Central Processing Facilities? If they are, then Uganda will be the 1st country on earth to have imported them from God knows where (unless we are secretly manufacturing these trucks.)

Even if the trucks would process the crude, it would still need to be heated. One wonders if these magical trucks are also fitted with solar panels.

The whole thing is impractical, not profitable, not possible, not necessary and absurd.

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Celebrity Gossip

DJ Bush Baby tribute to Gabriel K music 



DJ Bush baby took to twitter and gave a tribute to Gabriel K music. Quite a history! Below are excerpts from @djbushbaby

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“We groomed our vocals and became an Acappella group to reckon with in Kampala – Gabriel K sounded like Dru Hill’s Sisqo, becoming the lead singer, I was mainly a writer and Walter was a producer.
Studio sessions were hard to book,afford back then,thanks to Afrigo Band’s Moses Matovu, he often let us use free studio session at his Kibuli based studio whenever Palu Kafeero & Fred Ssebatta were not recording.

We continued observing & listening to black American R&b Bands for more inspiration and girl groups like SWV.

We were also church boys,hence influences like TAKE 6, Boyz2Men & producers like Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.
Almost 20 years later we all took different paths in life, I became an entertainer,Walter is still in ministry,and @kakurugabriel is a marketer/creative.
Days ago @kakurugabriel shocked me with a flash containing his new music.He became successful, and is now BORED in my view having achieved it all, he also developed health complications that required he takes a break from his business.
He is back to his 1st love, MUSIC! And I am so happy for him. One thing caught my attention though, his content distribution method.The flash comes customized.
Years have gone by and the industry has drastically changed,so he/we cant kick that A Cappella stuff we still cherish to date.
He has morphed into today’s sound and is trying to find a niche for himself. I like the fact that he’s collaborating with young writers.
Don’t take my word for it,check out his body of work at It’s awesome stuff,partly digital,& partly organic. It’s grown man stuff!
Thank you for sharing this gift with the world. You sound great you like it and have mastered it. Invest in great visuals, you are already a great marketer, you are a strategist, invest in your craft.
Have the right team around you from legal, PR, promotion, A&R,stylists,publicists, distribution, industry key influencers, street teams,fixers,art directors, creatives, logistics,security,engineers, digital, writers, technicians,a studio,and beware of industry vultures!#GKMUSICTRIBUTE”

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