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Ugandan Twitter Feminists Accuse Themselves of Being Dry as Zari



By Staff Writer

Yesterday, a world war broke out among Ugandan Tweeps who identify as feminists.

It all started with a simple question about iphones by a one Mona Lisa aka @Tweepoftheyear

Before long, Esther Birungi jumped on and accused Lisa of being too cheap. “Just an iphone 6 and she is making too much noise.”

In the end, we got to learn that Esther Birungi is dry as Zari and that Mona Lisa stole Birungi’s man because she couldn’t satisfy her man with her desert.

And the big story; they are all feminists tearing each other over the D. By press time, we were waiting for the Khaleesi of Feminists, Godiva to calm down these factions but she was nowhere to be seen.

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