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Uganda Voted Best English Speaking Country In Africa



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By Our Reporter

A study conducted by World Linguistic Agency has rated Uganda the Best English Speaking Country in Africa. This comes in the wake of a video from a Miss Rwanda contestant that was shown struggling with English in a country that made a move from Francophone to Anglophone.

After Uganda, the following countries came in closely; South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Namibia. Despite their strong traditional accent, Nigerians were credited for taking the spot for constructing good sentences that are grammatically flawless.

The full list is here:

1. Uganda
2. South Africa
3. Nigeria
4. Kenya
5. Zambia
6. Botswana
7. Zimbabwe
8. Malawi
9. Ghana
10. Rwanda
11. Sudan

In other news; Bernard Sabiti, a Ugandan cultural commentator has recorded colloquialisms of Ugandan English (Uglish) in a new book which attempts to unlock what he calls “one of the funniest and strangest English varieties in the world”. More to the story can be found here.

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